How to wear a bigger shoe size?

Have you ever found that perfect pair of shoes, only to discover they don’t have your size? It’s heartbreaking, we know. But fear not! With the right tips and tricks, you can wear a bigger shoe size without any discomfort or embarrassment.

Up Your Sock Game

Socks are an essential part of wearing bigger shoes. Thick socks can help fill up some space in the shoe and reduce rubbing or chafing. You could try tricky toe socks for an extra snug fit! They’re like mittens for your toes!

Insoles Are A Must-Have

With the right kind of insole, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing shoes one size too big. Gel insoles will add cushioning and make sure there are no empty spaces inside your footwear.

Heel Grips To The Rescue

Another option is to use heel grips – aka heel snugs! These sticky pads are placed at the back of your heels to prevent them from slipping out while walking- quite handy actually!

Don’t Ignore The Laces

If it happens that the larger number is only slightly different than yours but still turns out big on foot (this can happen when brands follow different sizing charts), lace those bad boys all around!! Make sure they are tight enough so that it doesn’t slide off, especially if they’re loafers/slippers.

Try Different Styles Of Shoes

Different styles offer varying fits; exploring these options might lead us into something new 💡 Here’s what Hiking Boots & Running Sneakers has taught us:
Hiking boots usually come with thicker padding making it easier for people with smaller feet sizes buy albeit opting one/two sizes higher 👀 Be quite cautious though!
Running sneakers have more flexibility and give which makes finding a good soft hold within 1/2 inches tolerance needful.

Buy Closed-Toe Shoes

If you’re someone who always goes for peep-toes or sandals – this might be harsh but, open shoes are a bit tricky in cases when the sizes don’t match. So, it’s best to stick with closed-toe options; sneakers being one of the great choices.

Go Seamless Or Stock Up On Band-Aids

Rubbing/irritation is a common struggle we all face while dealing with bigger shoe-size’s wearing, either find shoes that have no stitched seams inside or take little steps (no pun intended) to bring on more comfort:
Apply lotion/moisturizer beforehand.
Carry band-aids around in case of any emergency rubbing.

Don’t Forget The Ball Of Your Foot

Since theoretically our feet are broader and larger so would definitely need something extra for cushioning under the ball-of-the-foot . Investing into gel inserts could work like wonders!

### Compression Socks Anyone?
Travelling long distances can worsen swelling issues especially because people forget that compression socks aren’t only meant just for flight travels but also assist support during running and workouts- which dramatically aligns thanks to added tightness/boundaries between your foot-soles and foot-bed! We believe fashion & health go hand-in-hand 🤩.

You Can Always Add Extra Padding

To avoid feeling insecure about loose fitting shoes/extra space: Fitness bands for instance helps wrap around toes from insteps and upper arches bringing them together seamlessly giving stability throughout those hours at work🎉

## Last Resort Before Buying Bigger Size? CUSTOMIZED SHOE INSERTS
What some folks love doing is figuring out if there’s an option of getting customized orthotics made entirely according to one’s unique size specifications which won’t cause any blisters/genital anesthesia 😆 For achieving such cherished comforts, visiting podiatrist specialists/cobblers could definitely do the trick!

Remember, never compromise on comfort over style to prevent damage to your feet. With these tips and tricks on how to wear a bigger shoe size, you no longer have an excuse for passing up that awesome pair because of its size! So go ahead and indulge yourself- after all life is too short not be wearing good shoes 🤗