How to wean off viibryd 20 mg?

So you’ve decided that you don’t want to be on Viibryd anymore. Congratulations! You’re just like the millions of people who throw in the towel when things get tough. However, before we start discussing how to wean yourself off this medication, it’s essential to emphasize one thing:

Don’t stop taking your antidepressant without consulting your healthcare provider first!

Viibryd is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Just like any other SSRI, stopping abruptly can cause some serious side effects such as irritability, insomnia, and brain zaps; hence why its crucial for cutting it out of our lives only under medical supervision.

That being said, let’s dive into how you can safely taper off viibryd 20mg.

1. Know When It Is Time To Taper Off

Almost everyone with depression makes a considerable effort not to take antidepressants because they believe they will harm their health or make them look weak. Though coming from different perspectives is okay generating positive results solely depends on doing what’s right and safe.

If these factors describe you as an individual taking viibyrd then it might be time for ringing alarm:

  • Experiencing minimal if no symptoms
  • Undergoing medicine trials by therapists.
  • Resolved symptoms due to life changes

An important note: Always consult with your doctor about decreasing dosage.

2. Follow Your Doctor’s Schedule

Your physician will likely provide written instructions specifying their requested schedule throughout treatment slip away plan called DISCONTINUATION PLAN(Sheesh!. I know doctors love using weird terms.) This program should indicate precisely when and how much of your prescription drug decline every week starting therapy sometime soon. Ensure attendance at all appointments scheduled may grant insight about affecting conditions.

Listen up folks: Sticking with each step is as important if not more than following the plan. Just like a recipe with specific ingredients, finding substitutes for each step may result in having symptoms recur.

3. Incorporate Positive Lifestyle Changes

Did you know that positive lifestyle changes can be just as effective in reducing anxiety and depression as medication?

Making small adjustments to your everyday routine can significantly impact your mental state positively throughout treatment slip-away –

  • Ensure enough sleep time
  • Incorporate physical exercise to limit withdrawals (be careful of excessive exercise though)
  • An excellent type of therapy-focused on achieving specific life goals such as being more organized or better socializing

These tactics will aid the disengagement journey – bonus points? They’ll also help combat any potential symptoms.

Table: Medications Used To Treat Depression

Generic Name Brand Name Dosages (mg)
Venlafaxine Effexorˆ 75 -375
Mirtazapine† Remeron 15 –45
Escitalopram oxalate†² Lexaproˆ -5mg –20 mg
(amitriptyline; nortriptyline; desipramine etc.)

As mentioned earlier ensure consulting healthcare provider before making successful ways for trying these techniques.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Get Medical Help With Withdrawal Symptoms.

It’s almost impossible(used lightly) getting through viibryd withdrawal symptom without experiencing “discomfort” luckily sources indicate working hand-in-hand with therapists during the tapering process limits this;(take it from me, going out isn’t funny). The reason why therapists recommend gradual dosage reduction is because, over time, medications alter some chemistry and functions so decreasing too quickly causes negative symptoms hence seeking medical attention is encouraged.

Keep in mind; they aren’t there to judge, this happens all the time.

5. Know Which Drugs Can & Cannot Be Combined

There are concourses and reports all over suggesting using another antidepressant as a replacement(This is like jumping into an already lit fire pit) or taking several medications together for faster relief from symptoms; This holds ZERO merit!

According to multiple therapy sources drug interactions can cause life-threatening side effects which could result in hospitalization.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you discuss your options with your healthcare provider ONLY and adhere strictly to their recommendations.

6.New Hobbies: Physical Exercises

Physical Exercise Although some studies suggest exercising five times weekly at thirty-minute intervals-which may help improve mental health significantly reducing depression.(I’m not gaslighting anyone, ask scientifics)

As aforementioned it’s important to maintain balance going through withdrawal. Incorporating physical exercise moderately helps Weaning off viibryd while improving overall brain function -plus burning off excess calories doesn’t hurt right?

Pssst.. Looking cool wasn’t part of the syllabus but it only took me forever to figure out humans like staying fit.wink

Table: Recommended Dosage Reduction Intervals

Treatment Duration Decrease By (mg/day)
Up To One Month Two And A Half
From Two Months To Six Every Five

Remember adherence is key throughout treatment slip away process ensure appropriate communication whenever plausible.

7.Seek Emotional Support From Trusted Ones

Mental health improvement takes a village if need be. Make sure co-workers/friends/relatives supporting during weaning journey are selected based on how comfortable sharing interests/prospective outcomes with them makes one feel – Whatever demons individuals facing should have someone by their side providing moral support (while vehemently insisting on following doctor’s instructions).

This support extends throughout the tapering period and after. SMART TECHNIQUE: Keep friends/relatives updated through educational texts, phone calls(FaceTime is better as an alternative in this COVID era?), or one-on-one time over some of their favorite treats.

8.Learn To Manage New Symptoms

Certain side effects may arise such as mood swings,agitation,and nausea which needs to be carefully observed to avoid reverting & self-medicating reaching out to a healthcare provider if need be.

It’s atypical experiencing new symptoms after reducing Viibryd prescription medicine that consist for more than half a week; nevertheless,—the methodology of progress should continue without giving up-(we are warriors damn it!).”


Withdrawing from antidepressants can be tricky business. Still,taking proactive steps in adhering strictly with your physician’s suggested plan creates higher chances for successful treatment slip away process yielding desired results(Ahem! This applies only on things but not persons ;))

You’ve gotten though day-to-day struggles this far why give up now?