How to wax the back of your legs yourself?

Waxing is all about taking things off; clothes, skin cells and sometimes civilization standards. It belongs in a special category with childbirth – where we have selective amnesia following each incident, ready to take on it again in the future. Waxing can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before but fear not, because anybody who has ever tried waxing knows that after two tears and one snotty nose episode, anything else they might encounter along the road will feel like child’s play. In this guide, we’ll show you how to tackle what many believe is a tricky part of their hair removal routine: waxing your legs at home, specifically your upper thighs/back of your legs.

Before You Begin

If Chris Evans was right about packing sunscreen everywhere you go, then when attempting hairy self-care women should apply post-wax loofah use everywhere on their body except for where they’re planning on pulling strips from. Just saying this as a precautionary measure and also to recommend refraining from getting Breezy with cheddar sauce straight out of the shower (as good as that may sound). Note if you have varicose veins or easily bruise/bleed little hurts make sure epilating or exfoliating wouldn’t harm more than help.

Products You Will Need

Clean dry skin,
Some basic first-aid supplies ready,
A hard wax kit (not Soft wax!),
Large popsicle type sticks
Baby oil/mineral oil/coconut oil
An everything-is-going-to-be-fine attitude.


Prepare The Skin And Hair

Use pins/personal discretion/popcorn strings/hair ties/etc., section away any hair above knee height so faster paced follicular motion doesn’t cause additional Ooooohs later while trying reach your legs end goal. Make sure that your skin is perfectly dry, so that the wax only sticks to it and not moisture or oils which can cause irritation.

Do A Patch Test

Patch test a small section of hair in an inconspicuous area away from prying eyes like behind your knee, ankles are also prime spots because they often get missed until its too late some people tend to have freak reactions without knowing it. Wait at least one day before proceeding if you see little spots, rashes, inflamed look or anything considerably off compared to the rest the surrounding skin.

Start Waxing

Break out those boots meant for walking and lower them under ankle level; unless you want a honey badger with human feet look going on soon after (we don’t judge), be sure the V-Cut of short shorts/higher up pants are out of harm’s way as well. The middle part between calf muscle creases and buttocks will go first.
1) Scoop wax onto stick held near center;
2) Spread thin layer evenly against hair growth direction half -full inch (not approaching bikini territory yet;
3) Hand firmly press down entire strip’s edge
4) Let cool there against skin for 10-15 seconds ;
5a)Find/make something sturdy/discrete/oddly shaped flat metal/credit card/etc.) Holding skin taut pull downward sharply -parallel- inside-outside leg motion similar pant removal techniques akin grab-them-by-the-mid-calf-and-yank-down-with-everything-you’ve-got-for maximum speed situation)
6a)Voila! If done correctly piece will come off almost painlessly revealing naked strips ready to warm ocean breezes flowing while listening Beyonce music on stereo nearby.
5b)) Oops.. Strip breaks? Two options remain: either call yourself some kind of champion who gave their flesh defect attention span longer than a moth’s OR grab broken part with fingertips– taut skin (brace yourself)– and repeat the whoosh –this time, in same direction hair grows. For best results never repeatedly try to remove without reapplying wax, as this will put you at risk of skincare damage while also creating nothing but unnecessary streaks or redness.

Catch your breath and repeat. Eventually, it will be more painless than initially anticipated especially if you made lengthier stretches between body parts.

Remove Residue

Rub baby oil/mineral oil/coconut oil on any remaining wax until it dissolves away. This should leave the area fairly smooth after having completed everything.

Clean And Soothe

Application ice pack soothing cream/soft towel the whole nine yards for temporary relief may feel like blissful heaven sent grants before next Waxing round attack.


See? Not too difficult was it? In fact by now considering those upcoming dazzling leg flashing opportunities might actually bring glimmers of excited thoughts instead off my-god-make-it-stop nightmares/sobs into pillow? Keep up with regular sessions for minimal stress removal experience along year-round worth admiring legs.
Definitely not NAIL CLIPPERS!! Very important people!! Don’t do anything that could cause accidents! Be safe! Have fun! Protect wildlife etc…
Unless they’re happy “ooooohs” then feel free to let them rip

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