How to use wild yam?

Wild Yam Reduces Reproductive Muscle Cramping and Pain. Traditional Chinese herbalists use Wild Yam to bring heat to a cold, stagnant uterus. They also use it to bring in more Chi (life force) to the body and entire female reproductive system. Traditional Suggested Usage Wild Yam works best taken over time.

What are the benefits of wild yam extract? Mentioned below are some well-known benefits of wild yam extract. Wild yam extract is known to be helpful in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body. The diosgenin present in the wild yam has a tendency to block the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Is yam cream good for menopause? Purported to be useful for symptoms of menopause, some women use wild yam capsules or creams as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy, which they might require, following surgical or natural menopause. Scientific evidence on efficacy of this use is scant.

What is wild yam supplement? Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) is a plant used widely as an herbal supplement to treat menstrual cramps, nausea, hot flashes and morning sickness.

What is a Mexican yam? Mexican yam. Description. Mexican yam is one of some 850 species of yam in the Dioscoreaceae family. It is a perennial plant with twisting, climbing vines that grows in warm tropical climates. There are also some twists and turns related to this plant’s identity and its use as a herbal remedy.

Does wild yam interact with testosterone?

Does wild yam interact with testosterone? Remember, it is perfectly legal to use Wild Yam Root extract. Wild Yam creams exist on the market to help women with their menopause and to improve hormone balances. Improve the quality of your semen and increase sperm count. Wild Yam Root will also lightly elevate your levels of testosterone.

What are the benefits of wild yam supplements? When used as an herbal supplement, wild yam is claimed to be useful for a variety of different purposes. Some of the claimed benefits of wild yam include the following: Breast enlargement. Relieving menopause symptoms.

What are the side effects of wild yam cream? Wild yams in considered safe when taken orally or used as a topical cream. With that being side, there have been no studies exploring the long-term use of wild yam. Side effects, if any, tend to be mild and may include stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting.

What is wild yam root good for? Wild yam is a plant that people have used for centuries in alternative medicine. Potential medicinal uses for wild yam include the treatment of menopause symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and muscular cramps. There are various other names for wild yam, such as colic root, devil’s bones, rheumatism root, or China root.