How to use wartner?

Warts are unsightly and annoying growths that can appear anywhere on your body. While they’re not usually a serious health concern, most people want them gone. Of course, you could go to a dermatologist or try some home remedies, but those options can be painful or time-consuming.

Enter Wartner! This over-the-counter treatment is specifically designed for wart removal and promises quick results without all the hassle. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about using it so you can achieve flawless skin in no time.

What is Wartner?

Before we dive into how to use it let’s first understand what exactly Wartner is. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t an alien device – no matter how fancy its name sounds like one!

Wartner is an OTC freeze-off solution used as a medical aid for removing warts by freezing off the affected tissue using Dimethyl Ether spray technology. It’s mostly recommended for adults and children above four years old; if your child has had any reaction issue before due to similar treatments then consult with your pediatrician before proceeding.

This method stops blood flow in the treated area leading the dying of cells which ultimately causes blister formation around the wart site detached from healthy skin making way for new pinkish smooth epidermis replacing dead tissues underneath — resembling much like someone pooping out extra gooey vitamin C while fruit fasting (We warned You!).

So Why Choose Wartner?

Well apart from taking care of those pesky warts effectively there are many other reasons why people prefer choosing it:

  • Quick Results
  • Easy application process
  • Long Expiry date
  • Proved compatibility giving speedy Comfortable Treatment
  • Pain-free Treatment Experience instead of surgical ones(Duh!)
  • Foolproof Application Makes Stockpiling Easier For Future Use(We won’t judge).

Now that we’ve determined all the benefits of Wartner, let’s take a look at how to use it effectively.

How to Use Wartner

  1. Prepeartions are Key

Before any treatment, it is crucial to ensure the affected area is clean and dry removing dirt or grease which could reduce freezing efficacy. It’s recommended that you wash the warts thoroughly using warm soapy water and then dry them off completely with a towel -be gentle not to forcefully wipe off healthy skin around wart site as this will need special care later.

  1. Get Ready for Action!

Once your wart has been cleaned appropriately now comes the scary part; deciding on whether you want an extra-strength version or not – oooh sounds cool no? The harder version doesn’t mean its twice eco-friendly!

The extra-strength kits have additional steps such as pre-application with Salicylic acid but if you wish can always go for Regular Advantage variant.Warm up (yes warming up) being seated comfortably on non-slippery floor / couch before beginning eliminating chances of discomfort attacks else in pain there might be(hint-hint ahem!)

  1. Choose Your Method:

Wartner offers two different ways of application Spray & Pedicure set respectively both having their advantages and disadvantages don’t worry team Ex-Science got this covered Just keep reading!(If not lulled out!)

 Spray: Spray techniques come in handy when dealing with small-sized easy-to-reach warts situated over feet/hands/scalp/legs/nipples (Wait scratch that last one).For achieving maximum effectiveness press nozzle 3 times till spraying mist contacts frozen surface coating afflicted region stopping only once darkening occurs satisfactorily.

 Pedicure Set: The pedicure sets are more suited for bigger or hard-to-rub-off warts planted like a flag on a difficult-to-reach area like the face or back, where warts are more abundant making accessibility limited or risky. The technique is straightforward to use just apply gel and get ready to tackle such suckers!(Taking care of yourself during that breakout)
  1. Follow Safety Instruction

Much like any first aid kit usage, special attention needs to be given while using Wartner too — Remember prevention is better than cure! It’s never safe for self-usage by pregnant ladies without taking consent from either their doctors/dermatologist and even if you’re going through other pre-existing skin condition treatments consult with your medical professional before embarking on this noble chemical journey.

If in case, If sprayed mistakenly can cause serious injuries seeking medical advice promptly becomes necessary leading aid towards recovery by assisting healing faster at best.

  1. The Wait Begins— But Do NOT Rush it!

Once applied after a few seconds (around 15)it will start freezing away cells; now comes an extremely important step Resist temptation pliz don’t touch or wiggle it as blister formation takes time(in fact around two weeks ) leading callus-like appearance taking place– Just act calm and leave everything to science till skin regenerates(a new boss gets announced).

  1. Repeat Treatment Until Full Recovery Achieved

Now once enough days have passed make sure dead wart meat looks shrugglingly detached then wait another week after which the blister dries up independently indicating complete removal before reapplying,(why not keep it hanging just scared ourselves?)

7.Relax & Enjoy Life Now That You Have Flawless Skin(SARCASMM)

And there you have it now that your long-lasting process of de-warting has completed concordantly – make sure one doesn’t take its guard down- anytime as long-term exposure might facilitate inadvertent tumors insert concerned faces yeah we know makes us consider wearing a full body suit to bed.


The Wartner freeze-off solution is an effective, easy-to-use over-the-counter treatment for wart removal. While it may seem intimidating at first, following the simple application steps can lead to amazing results without having complications like surgery aftermaths! Hopefully, you have found these instructions helpful and feel confident about trying out this method for yourself. So go tackle that nasty mother-fcker of a wart with your new knowledge just be sure BE SAFE while doing so( Cliché we know but work with us)

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