How to use warm touch warming jelly?

Because the warming sensation takes effect upon contact and then gradually wears off, the warming lube should be applied to clean fingers and then placed directly on the genital area without rubbing it in first. This will provide maximum stimulation.

What is warm touch? WARM TOUCH was developed for professional use in the institutional care sector. The offering includes support rails, hinged support rails and shower grab rails.

Which would feel warmer to the touch? Warm joints mean one or more of your joints feels hot to the touch or warmer than your surrounding skin. Joints that are warm are often uncomfortable because the warmth is accompanied by swelling and redness. This and other symptoms can indicate a number of medical conditions, including arthritis and injury.

Is K-Y warming jelly water-based? K-Y Warming Gel is a water-soluble water-based personal lubricant manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Inc. This gel is commonly used as a sex lubricant to reduce friction during sexual intimacy. It has no reaction to latex condoms or silicone rubber-based sex toys and vibrators. K-Y Warming Jelly – Female Enhancement.