How to use vicco tooth powder?

If you’re looking for a popular tooth powder brand that has been around since 1952, you might want to check out Vicco. All-natural and Ayurvedic, this dental care product can help keep your pearly whites shining bright like diamonds.

Step One: Get Yourself Some Vicco Tooth Powder

Before we dive in, make sure you get yourself some of this magical powder. I know what you’re thinking – “how the heck do I find it?!”. Fear not, your friendly neighborhood grocery store should have it hidden somewhere between the detergents and baby food aisles.

Step Two: Prepare Your Mouth for The Freshness Overload

Great! You’ve got your hands on some new swag! Now let’s talk about preparing ourselves for its entry. Rinse your mouth with water first because no one likes dry action then take the powdery goodness into the palm of your hand.

Step Three: Dip And Dump

Dip an everlovin’ wet toothbrush into that white magic dust – use as much amount as per needs – voila table salt alternate ready to go blow off those bad boys!

Helpful Tip

Don’t dip directly from tin unless sharing is caring or are cool with someone else’s saliva in there too..ewwww. So apply powda on ur hand/palm/utensil before dipping moistened brush onto it!

Step Four- Scrub It Like Mean Fighting Machine

Knock knock…Who’s there? Plaque…Plaque who??? Blast them all away using clear conscience + simple movements with round circular motion on seven vital points why seven u might ask?

This unique technique:chin (1), upper jaw left side incisor teeth group (2),upper jaw right side incisor teeth group(3), lower jaw righy side incisor teeth (4), lower jaw left side insicus teeth(5), upper jaw behind 8th tooth(6) and lastly lower jar behind eight tooth-center(7)

Quick Warning

If bleeding occurs, stop use immediately to avoid gum damage. Remember – good things come to those who brush – not the ones who bleed!

Step Five: Spit It Like A Rapper

What now? You guessed it right! Just put your tongue on autopilot and let ‘er rip! Ur mouth is reborn again in freshness overdrive!

Another Great Tip

Take one empty cup with a lil bit of water..Giggle that watah aplenty times in ur hatch till u spit out properly rinse teefies well..just like doing laundry…tadaaa SOOO FRESH n sooo clean!

Step Six – Grin From Ear To Ear

Now look at yourself in the mirror! Can you see that shining white from there??? If yes then grrrlll/boy you have made Vicco very happy today!!

There ya go folks, six easy steps to successfully using Vicco Tooth Powder. Whether you’re new to this seemingly archaic paste or brushing for years but just had no idea what else was out there, we hope this guide has been helpful. Remember – keep it simple, always listen closely enough for tips and tricks because trust us when we say- they could make all the difference between having ah-mazing seta of chompers and a blah grin – nobody wants that.

Thanks for reading ‘How To Use Vicco Tooth Powder’. We appreciate your time along with whatever laughs/smirks/half smiles/poopy faces came up during its consumption!

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