How to use vcf?


  • 1. Remove the square of pre-folded film from the conveniently sealed pouch.
  • 2. Fold VCF between your fingertips.
  • 3. The correct place for VCF is deep in the vagina on the cervix. Make sure you can locate the cervix. VCF ® will not run, become messy, or stain.

How to register with the VCF?

How to Register

  • You will return to the Welcome screen. Select the ” Sign In ” button on the right.
  • At the Welcome screen, click the ” New Registration ” button on the left.
  • Y ou will be issued a claim number and can begin your Registration.
  • Once you have completed all the tabs and saved your information, select ” Submit Registration .”
  • How to create VCF cards?

    How to Create VCF Cards

  • Open Microsoft Outlook or similar contact/email program by clicking on the program’s icon on…
  • Click “File,” “New,” “Contact.” The New Contact dialog box will open.
  • Enter your contact information into the dialog box–your full name, telephone numbers,…
  • Click “File,” “Save”.
  • Click “File,” “Export to vCard file…”…
  • How does VCF contraceptive film work? VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film helps prevent pregnancy by acting as a spermicide (sperm killer). Chemicals in VCF kill or harm sperm, making it difficult for sperm to move beyond the vagina. Since fertilization occurs in the uterus or fallopian tubes, blocking sperm movement helps prevent conception/pregnancy.

    Does vaginal contraceptive film work? VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film is a type of birth control known as a spermicide. The active ingredient (nonoxynol 9) works to prevent pregnancy by killing or harming sperm in the vagina, so that they cannot reach the uterus and fallopian tubes (where fertilization occurs).

    How to register for the VCF claim process?

    How to register for the VCF claim process? Call the VCF Helpline at 1-855-885-1555Page 3 How to Register Online Step 3: Begin your Registration Read the welcome message and then scroll down to the section titled “What is the Registration Process”and click on the “Claimant Registration”link in the middle of the screen.

    How do I sign in to my VCF account? Go to https://www.claims.vcf.gov/Account/Login to access your online account. We recommend that you bookmark this link once your online account has been created. Step 1. You will return to the Welcome screen. Select the “ Sign In ” button on the right. Use the username and password you just created to sign into your account.

    What can you do on the VCF website? Be sure to visit this website often for VCF news, program updates, and reporting; answers to frequently asked questions; access to forms and resources; step-by-step guides designed to make the process easier for claimants; and everything needed to register, file, and monitor the status of a claim.

    Is the 9 / 11 VCF still in use? As we look to the future, we will continue serving the 9/11 community as trusted administrators of this funding, ensuring that it is properly directed to its intended use for decades to come. The VCF remains operational at this time, although we expect delays in all areas of claims processing.