How to use the energy around you?

Are you more of a believer in energy and vibes than the average person? Do you want to learn how to use that energy to your advantage? Look no further, because we have compiled some tips and tricks on how to harness the power of the universe.

Understanding Energy

Before we get into specific techniques, it’s essential to understand what energy is. When people talk about “energy,” they are referring to a force or vitality that flows through everything in existence. The concept can be challenging for many people who only believe in tangible things they can see or touch. There are three types of energies: positive, negative and neutral.

Positive Energy

Heat can radiate off an individual when their intentions are pure(selfless). For instance, acts such as giving without expecting anything back, empowering others without malice intention among others.

Negative Energy

Negative energy is not merely negative thoughts; it’s also any emotion with which you feel uncomfortable like anger, resentments sadness etc. These emotions consume an enormous amount of mental real estate within us hence leading us down negativity path if left unchecked.

Neutral Energy

Neutral/the absence of emotional (flat-lining) or spiritual activity might indicate peaceable environments either at home where relaxation/thoughtful mindset reigns or perhaps one who seeks solitude.

Techniques for Harnessing Energy

3-6-9 method

The 3-6-9 has roots from Nikola Tesla’s teachings referred by some as
the master Frequency King.’ Start by identifying something that bothers you – this could be personal strife,sadness related subject matter ranging from wars,injustice,economic dispparities et cetera.
— List item
— Write down said vexation thrice highlighting its hold over yourself individually.
–Thrice for potential impact on family/community/society . Visualize those feelings leaving your mind
— On the eighth day, revisit the writing. Write down only once to signify that you are taking steps forward and are ready for a clean slate.
— repeating the formula of six days plus three will help eradicate worrying issues.


Meditation means focusing your mind solely on one specific activity thought or sound without being distracted not by past events nor future circumstances requires time.It is important to properly ground yourself with positive energy before practice; otherwise, unwanted energies might intrude.

Positive Affirmations

Even if it seems cliche’ in some areas of personal development circles, speaking affirmations can have immense effect over us.Focus on using “I” statements like :”I am powerful,I am abundance-seeking,I prioritize self-care among others).

Chakra Alingment

This aligns all seven chakras through meditation which helps keep our body’s flow of energy unencumbered.This includes Root Chakra (Red) , Sacral Chakra( orange), Solar Plexus Chakra(yellow), Heart Chakra(Green/Rose)Throat Chalkra(Blue),Third Eye(Purple/Violet/Indigo) and Crown charka (white).

Environment Manipulation-

The environment largely determines individual well-being.Infuse different parts close enough into rooms where required frequently e.g bedroom,office space with materials harboring energy such as Crystals-which each represents certain common goals-citrine(for manifestation &abundance,selenite(clm stability,and tranquility),among other examples.Other items may include candles(i.e., Different colors depending what needing addressed.)

Final Words

Harnessing the world’s energies around us doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and consistent effort along with found out applicable methods.Although they might initially seem overwhelming-but when continually endeavor to apply principles,it rewards tremendous benefits.Finally it goes; If you do feel off-kilter/tips over the edge of positive sensation or negative sensations,try this out and find what works best for you!

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