How to use sudocrem for pimples?

Are you tired of waking up with a face full of pimples? Do you dread leaving the house without slathering on some foundation to cover up those pesky blemishes? Fear not my friends, because there is a solution that has been hiding in plain sight all along – Sudocrem. Yes, that’s right. The thick white cream your mom used to put on your diaper rash as a baby can also be used as a powerful tool in fighting acne breakouts.

In this article, we will explore how exactly you can use Sudocrem to kick those zits’ butts and achieve clear skin once and for all. But before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s first answer the burning question:

What is Sudocrem anyway?

Sudocrem is an over-the-counter antiseptic healing cream that was originally developed by pharmacist Thomas Smith back in 1931. It contains various ingredients such as zinc oxide, benzyl alcohol, and lanolin which work together to soothe irritated skin while aiding in the healing process.

But what makes it so great for acne-prone skin specifically? Well for starters, it helps reduce inflammation caused by bacteria accumulation within pores thus reducing redness and promoting overall healthy looking complexion.

Alright enough chit chat already! Let’s dive into:

How-To Guide: Using Sudocrem For Pimples

Step One: Cleanse Yo Face

Before applying any skincare product, it’s important to make sure your face is clean from surface-level dirt or makeup residue. You don’t want these impurities clogging up your pores even more now do ya! To cleanse effectively follow these steps:
– Wet face with warm water
– Lather low foaming cleanser between palms
– Massage onto damp face using circular motions (avoid eye area)
– Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
– Gently pat dry with soft towel.

Step Two: Spot Treatment Time!

The key to using Sudocrem for pimples is knowing when and where to apply it. This cream should only be used as a spot treatment which means applying it directly onto individual blemishes rather than slathering all over your face like a moisturizer (don’t ever try this, trust me!)

(Tip: If you’re prone to oiliness on the forehead or nose, dabbing some Sudocrem in those areas can help reduce shine throughout the day)

To use as a spot treatment:
1. Scoop tiny amount of Sudocrem from pot with clean fingertip.
2. Dab small dots of product onto problem-area/bumps/pimples – don’t rub!
3. Massage gently until product melts in (but not fully absorbed).
4. Leave alone until next cleansing.
5. Voila! Go about your day/night feeling fabulous.

Step Three: Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key, folks whether you’re just starting out or have been using dermatologist-recommended productsfor years now(such a fancy term!). We recommend incorporating Sudocream into daily regimen by doing morning & night routine – followed by makeup application.

Tips For Success

If done properly and consistently, using sudocream for pimples can give radical results within few weeks.

  • In order to see best results use Sudocrem every other day but never exceed more than once per day as too much could lead skin dryness and peeling .

(Pro Tip: Chase down any dried up areas around acne spots caused due excess usage of cream ,which will make them super flaky rather than blending naturally.)

  • Be patient; there’s no instant cure for pimples – get ready invest time and effort into regular skincare routine!


Using Sudocrem for pimples is a simple and effective way to get rid of acne breakouts without breaking the bank. Just remember to cleanse your face, spot treat individual blemishes with a tiny amount of the cream, and maintain consistency in usage . In time, you too can achieve clear skin like you’ve always dreamed!

So why not give it a try? And who knows maybe next week people will say “Good Lord!What has happened? You look pretty amazing today – are those pimples gone forever?”.

Happy Creaming Everyone!

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