How to use seresto collar?

Are you tired of finding ticks and fleas on your furry friend? Are they keeping your pet from being the clean, cuddly creature they were meant to be? Look no further (meh…) than the Seresto collar! This amazing little gadget will have those pesky critters fleeing for their lives.

But how do you use it correctly? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Basics of the Seresto Collar

Before we get started, let’s familiarize ourselves with what exactly a Seresto collar is. Essentially, it’s a fancy necklace for your fur baby that repels fleas and ticks. But there’s more to this collar than just looking snazzy.

Benefits of Using a Seresto Collar

Here are some benefits of using a Seresto collar:

  • Long-lasting protection (eight months!)
  • Convenient (no more messy flea baths or monthly dose schedules)
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for pets and humans alike
  • Affordable compared to other long-term flea/tick preventatives
  • Odorless – No mama bird picking up icky smells!

So as you can see, this little accessory has big advantages (And by big I mean EIGHT MONTHS).

Types of Pets That Can Wear It

While commonly used for dogs (woof woof), don’t count out our feline friends; cats can wear them too (Meow-some). These collars come in different sizes so make sure you measure accurately before making purchase so Rosie doesn’t choke her own life away. Also fun fact: One size fits all only applies when purchasing pajamas with stretch haha not here 🙂

How Does It Work?

The active ingredients are distributed through the entire surface area of the collar via frictional movements between its surfaces (science baby!). It’s a sustained release technology that consistently releases the ingredients into your pet’s skin to kill and repel problematic pests.

How to Use Seresto Collar

Now for the main attraction – how do you actually use this neat little gadget? Don’t worry, it’s as easy as ABC… D?

Step 1: Remove From Packaging

Remove collar from protective bag until lights on Eiffel tower spin faster (Wait… what?!?) No no just follow instructions and remove packaging.

Step 2: Adjust Fit

Once removed from its bag like your mom does with her new LV handbag (gasp, yes I went there!), adjust collar size so it can fit properly around Fido or Fluffy fluffster’s neck. Two fingers should easily slip in between the collar and their fur, but make sure it isn’t too loose where they could accidentally chew on it – because dogs can be dum-dums sometimes!!

Step 3: Put It On Your Pet

Clothe your pets! Ha-ha never thought we would say that in such context!! Fasten snugly around Rosie’s neck while making sure she doesn’t panic thinking she just got sent to jail by some sort of authority figure.

Pro Tip: If your pet is extra furry tr—oooooppp.. triiiiippp…. trip over wire……then head-plant keyboard…..finish……
Sorry you guys had to see that; my human counterpart has clumsy fingers. Anyway back to tip time …where were we oh yeah:

Pro Tip Continue: If you’re living with an excessively hairy friend put the excess portion of collar through loop and THEN buckle it (genius eh) This ensures efficient release of active ingredients whilst keeping our furry friends nice comfortable during meal times!

Step 4: Cut off Excess Length if Required

Does Tony have leftovers dangling? Cut his hair – I mean collar! Ensure you don’t cut any more than 2 cm off because, like Tony’s hair stylist, we’re all aiming for the perfect balance.

Pro Tip: Some pets are SO FLUFFY they may need to go half way up their neck (think Bob Ross and his happy little trees), which means that while it will seem a bit like Fur-muda Triangle lol, there won’t be any fleas in sight!

Step 5: The Vitals

Keep a keen eye out for irritation under collar area after initial placement of Seresto Collar on Rosie or Tony as this could lead to complications caused by…wait for it….drum-roll please…..BACTERIAL INFECTIONS!! Well well well who knew?? So let’s make sure our animals aren’t allergic reaction-prone kids who push everything past its limit!


Now that you know how to properly use the Seresto collar, your pet will hopefully be flea/tick free and looking fly-y-y-y-Y with their new accessory. Just remember folks – keep an eye on those gauges…whoops not another trip facepalm…but yes make sure you periodically check them so our furry friends can happily itch-free run & play stress-free knowing fleas are vanquished forever (or until next year anyways).

Until then dear fellow human beings, stay safe and take care of your beloved fur-babies!