How to use perfect pullup?

If you are someone who hates going to the gym but loves working out at home, then perfect pullup is your ultimate solution. Not only do they help to strengthen your biceps, triceps, and back muscles, but also provide a great cardio workout. However, using perfect pullup may seem daunting if you have never used one before. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

Unbox Your Perfect Pullup

Before getting started, unboxing your perfect pull up bar is essential. Make sure all parts mentioned in the manual are present and intact.

Parts of Your Perfect Pull Up

  • The main bar
  • Handlebars
  • Screw-in pins for attaching handlebars
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Assembly tools

Once confirmed that you have all parts in place let’s move on!

Choose The Right Spot For Setup

The tricky part while setting up Perfect Pullup is choosing the right spot! First things first make sure there is enough clearance above their door frame or hanging space where overhead resistance exercises will be performed.

They should be able to grip and control overheard movements without coming into contact with ceilings or walls. Secondly should choose a sturdy support structure that can bear their bodyweight plus force from training exercises.

Pro Tip: Try hangover doors instead of drilling holes as it doesn’t damage framing.

Assemble The Grips To The Bar

Attaching grip bars requires complete attention as incorrect attachments could result in dangerous movement during exercise sessions.

  1. Take screws provided attachment point near both ends.
    2.Attach desired handle placement which best matches shoulder width (usually slightly wider than shoulders).
    3.Screw them tightly so that horizontal loading doesn’t create any wobbles during workouts.
    4.Once Both handles are attached tight by repeating same process Now its time now install wall mountings steps given below –

Install Wall Mountings

Conveniently install the wall mountings as per instruction manual. Follow each step carefully and save yourself from a bad fall!

  1. Measure your chosen height for placement of bracketts
  2. Place Bracket against the wall in selected position.
  3. Mark hole placements.
    4.Wall plugs into drilled holes with screws provided
    5.Ensure complete tightness before locking the bar in place.

Correct Height while Using Perfect Pullup

Correct height level is key to utilizing perfect pull up properly and effectively towards desired goal-reaching effects so Not too low, not too high.

The right height ensures great posture – where the body form and movement are both optimized The pulling distance becomes more comfortable when handlers hang freely.

Fun Fact: Setups that are very low or very high can lead to strain over time on tendons responsible for guiding shoulder movements during workouts & always use narrow grips first .

Safety Precautions

During workout sessions, it is essential to consider all safety aspects required; otherwise, injuries could occur anytime unexpectedly! Below mentioned few lockdowns:

  • Always warm-up initially 15 minutes Stretching improves flexibility
  • Keep proper balance Doing unstructured exercises will harm you
  • Use a weightlifting belt , Sweatband , Wristwraps & Gloves sometimes helps provide better grip and injury avoidance .

Maintenance of Perfect Pullup should be made easy by regular cleaning after use thus ensuring effective functionality everytime


Perfect Pullup bar allows us to execute some unique moves which cannot be performed using traditional bars making them a valuable addition part equipment relating fitness routine so lets take initiative grab’em today onwards!

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