How to use missha time revolution first treatment essence?

Are you tired of skincare products that make promises they can’t keep? Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. This holy grail product is beloved by Koreans and non-Koreans alike for a reason–it delivers results.

But, how do you use it properly? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

What is Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence?

First things first, let’s talk about what this product actually is. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, also known as FTE, is a watery essence that contains fermented ingredients such as Bifida Ferment Lysate and Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate.

These ingredients work together to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation, hydrate the skin and decrease signs of aging. In other words, it’s a miracle in a bottle!

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin Properly

Before incorporating any new skincare product into your routine, make sure you’re starting with clean skin. Use your favourite cleanser or oil-based makeup remover to get rid of any traces of dirt or impurities on your face.

Dirt on your face + new products = disaster waiting to happen. Trust us; don’t skip this step!

Step 2: Pat It On (Gently)

After cleansing (and maybe toning), take out the FTE bottle from its box/humble abode/whatever else you call it/, twist open the cap/stopper/cork/relevant thingamajig and pour an adequate amount (~3-4 drops) onto the palm/fingers/cotton pad/surface area where applicable (…you know what I mean).

Rubbing anything onto our faces leads mostly only unproductive breakdowns-both emotional AND physical…so please remember NOT to rub the product into your face. Pat it in instead. Your skin will thank you for it!

Step 3: Don’t Forget Your Neck

Don’t stop at your face–spread some love onto your neck too! Administer a few drops of FTE and pat gently. It’s like buying a necklace and then forgetting to put on earrings…just don’t.

Tips, Tricks, And More

Recommended Usage

FTE can be used day and/or night, but we suggest starting with once daily during whichever time fits best into your current routine. Over-applying products can lead not only to less than stellar results but also may cause unnecessary waste of product/money/resources- something I’m sure none of us want!

Plus/Also/Furthermore,/To top sh#t off/, Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence is pH-balanced (5.5) which makes it gentle enough to use multiple times per session or even everyday as full-time (said in radio voice) hydration boost.

Storage Details

It’s important to store this little mixer mindfully so remember these pointers:

1) Store away from direct lights/Limit exposure;
2) Keep a cool environment/Cooler temperatures tend to retain/improve longevity;
3) Ultimately though:/However/: DO NOT just toss in fridge/freezer/Eskimo Den/snow fort unless ready for separation (separation=most definitely bad@ss-but lacks usefulness In said scenario involving ACTUAL effectiveness/causes unimpressed frown lines).

How does FTE differ from other essences?

The main difference lies mostly only within its ability/focus toward anti-aging properties; most/if not all that have tried it do notice positive effects upon texture/pigmentation as well/hand-in-hand/.

But wait there’s more!! Renowned beauty companies appear eager af/to present more favourable options -such as SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence-which have quite the markup ($100+ for only 75ml of product).

The kicker? Ingredients are almost identical. That’s right, my go-to beauties, you can enjoy the same benefits without breaking the bank!

How does FTE fit into your current skincare routine?

Generally speaking, it comes after cleansing and/or toning, but before anything heavier like serum/moisturizer/spot treatments.

Or if all else fails: drop everything-including false hope-just indulge in FTE alone/apart from any other harsh products or weighty oils that could interfere with absorption/benefits bestowed onto skin.


Remember these simple steps:

1) Cleanse Your Skin Properly
2) Pat It On Gently
3) Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Add Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence to your skincare arsenal today!

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