How to use lemon verbena leaves?

Lemon Verbena leaves are a versatile herb that can be used for culinary, medicinal and decorative purposes. The fragrant and tangy aroma of these leaves is hard to miss, which makes it an excellent addition to your garden. However, if you want to take full advantage of this amazing herb, then keep reading as we explore how you can use lemon verbena leaves in various ways.

Before You Begin

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details on how to use lemon verbena leaves, make sure you have access to high-quality fresh or dried lemon verbena leaves. Fresh lemon verbena is usually available from spring through mid-fall while dried ones are mostly found all year round.

Purchasing Lemon Verbena Leaves

When purchasing lemon verbena, whether fresh or dry, consider the following factors:

  • Look for healthy plants with deep green color.
  • Watch out for yellowing tips, spots or discolored parts
  • For dried herbs, always ensure there’s no dampness, mold growth or bad smell.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s dive right into using lemon verbena!

Culinary Uses

Lemon Verbena has numerous culinary applications due to its citrus scent and flavor attributes. Here’s what you need yo know about cooking with Lemon Verbana;

Tea Infusions & Beverages

A cup of hot tea from freshly plucked Note: Should add (a few) leaves gets your taste buds buzzing. Also, It is an impeccable way to start your day off fresh! Besides making delightful teas when steeped individually, try mixing it up with some other herbs like mint, rosemary, gingerand lime—for extra zing.

You could also create refreshing summer drinks such as pairings with berries by blending different tea varieties over crushed ice or learn to make lemon-verbena infused vodka-for specialist occasions only of course.

Culinary Ingredient

Lemon Verbena leaves’ bold citrus aroma and spicy taste are an excellent seasoning for savory or sweet dishes, desserts, jams etc. The fresh leaves are often used as a substitute for zest in recipes that require citrus zests in small quantities.

Chopped Lemon verbana Leaves elevate the flavor profile of seasoned vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, broccoli & potatoes too! Add it to grilled meats or chicken marinades—no need to have mustard sticks when you can dash some finely minced lemon verbena inside!


From homemade ice creams and sorbets with ribbons from garden-fresh herb, creamy sauces incorporated into puddings or cakes (use instead of vanilla!), there’s plenty one can do with Lemon Verbena minty sweetness on the side

Medicinal Uses

Besides being deliciously fragrant, lemon verbena has a range of medicinal uses:

Digestive Relief

When consumed orally, lemon verbena helps reduce bloating, flatulence symptoms. Its properties also make this herb ideal for individuals suffering from constipation issues

### Stress Management

If stress is taking over your day-to-day life use a half-teaspoon dry herb steeped under hot water twice daily as tea). This dosage is considered quite effective by many herbalists and natural medicine practitioners.

Other Purposes

Whether you’re looking up how to use lemon verbanawith cleaning agents around the house (see table), cosmetic purposes like making soaps w/ infused oils, using boiled Lemon Verbana extract which acts as a natural insecticide plant spray(Just be certain not to over-concentrate)—there seems no end what wonder nature holds!

Use Method
Cleaning agent Add juice squeezed from the Lemon Verbena and add distilled vinegar & spray solution on the surface.
Insecticide Plant Spray Boil dried lemon verbena in water, strain and cool before filling into a spray bottle.


The uses of lemon verbena leave are many. From its use in making tea infusions to adding flavor depth when cooking different types of meals as well as other purposes like cleaning agents or insecticide plant sprays, it is essential for anyone who wants to expand their natural herb repertoire. So why not give lemon verbena leaves a try?

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