How to use instant pot slow cooker feature?

If you love cooking and have been searching for a reliable slow cooker that will help you prepare meals in no time, then look no further than the instant pot slow cooker feature. This amazing kitchen gadget functions as both an electric pressure cooker and a slow cooker all in one.

The beauty of using the instant pot is that it cuts down your cooking time significantly while ensuring every meal comes out perfectly cooked with minimal effort. To unlock its full potential, we’ve compiled a guide on how to use instant pot’s slow-cooking feature effectively

Getting Started

Before anything else, make sure that you remove all unnecessary packaging materials from the device. Ensure also that the gasket ring at the bottom of the machine is inserted into place correctly before use.

Once set up, fill the inner metal container with water roughly halfway through; this helps prevent any sticking when cooking food inside the pot.

Pro Tip: Before using your new instant pot for slow roasting meats, begin by utilizing it as an easy-to-use rice or quinoa maker where measuring cups are provided ready-made!

Selecting The Desired Program and Duration

Choose which heat setting matches best with what type of dish you’re trying to cook! Slow roast meals typically require either “low” or “high” options depending on preparation times – optimal temperature settings allowing for more efficient energy consumption during operation – so read carefully 🙂

Now ascertain how long each tempo should last (in hours). Most people prefer lengthy programs since they can leave meals unattended whilst focusing elsewhere such as work/play without worrying about their dinner burning up 🙂

Note: A few recipe manuals allow users to adjust simmer/temperature according to personal preferences too!

Filling The Pot

You probably already know what ingredients go into making most higher-end dishes if traditional crock pots are something you’ve worked within in prior years? If not- no worries- it’s easy to discover by utilizing recipe books available online or other relevant literature!

For starters, chop up all veggies and meats that you plan on using. Combine ingredients in the instant pot itself (without any added oil) if browning meat isn’t needed. You’ll want to add the broth or liquid base last – so everything cooks perfectly.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about herbs ‘n spices; they can really enhance your meal experience — don’t be afraid of experimentation!

Making Adjustments/Modifications

Now that slow cooking delicious meals is super simple thanks to your Instant Pot, don’t let creative vision be limited! It’s possible modifying pre-existing recipes’ given ideas with different seasonings entirely or even intentionally avoiding their addition altogether based on personal preference.

Keep a journal nearby whilst incorporating new flavor ideas trying them over time till satisfaction reached – mixing ‘n matching components depending upon taste or desired consistency 🙂 After all, In our world — anything goes!

Cooking The Perfect Slow Cooked Meal

Once ready; pour freshly mixed soup into main pot container followed by selection of program duration (such as low heat settings for 8 hours). Then place lid atop securely thereby ensuring valves are shut.

Take note: once lids closed device activates automatically close circuity systems placed intrinsically designed for foolproof functionality without getting burned etc., rendering shutting off/on unnecessary.

Pressure Release

Instapot has variating pressure release options varying from “natural” option another called “quick-release.” If recipes stipulate specific instructions regarding which would work best go accordingly,

When food cooked through completely indicating machine should beep out loud signaling completion take care when manually releasing steam since pressure will have accumulated inside therefore venting slowly key during this process !(to avoid burns)


In conclusion, having an instant pot at home means having convenience and efficiency right at your fingertips. With its ability to perform multiple functions such as pressure cooking, steaming, browning and more all at once — making dinner becomes a breeze.

Hopefully, having read through this guide, you now have the tools to approach and cook slow-cooked meals with ease. It’s only a question of trial ‘n error trying out methods while getting acquainted with all Instant Pot has on offer – before quickly becoming an expert yourself!