How to use electric shaver on beard?

Are you tired of accidentally nicking yourself when using a razor blade, leaving your face looking like it’s been attacked by a hungry rat? Fear not, for the electric shaver is here to save your skin. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use an electric shaver on your beard without having to sacrifice any body parts.

Knowing Your Tools

Before we start going haywire with our trusty electric shaver and turn ourselves into mummies, let’s learn about the different types of electric razors available in the market:

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers are perfect for people who have fine hair texture as they can give close and clean-cut results.

Pro-tip: Don’t overload foil caps with shaving gel or anything else that could impede movement; as this will hurt exfoliation efforts.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary barbers are ideal if you have stubble-type hair or hairs that grow in various directions. They might be slightly louder than their foil counterparts but work more effectively on uneven surfaces such as chin leaves and jawlines.

Trivia Moment: The history of rotary electric shaving goes all the way back to Baldock England where Alexander Ross was credited with inventing them in 1915.)

Now that we know what our options look like let’s follow these steps:

Preparing Your Skin

You don’t want redness or rashes from improper-equipment usage; hence washing and cleaning up ought also not neglected before proceeding..

Here’s what you should do before grabbing the trusty ol’ razor.

  1. Start by washing your face thoroughly: You don’t want dirt particles clogging up your follicles while trying to shave them off.

  2. Make sure your skin is dry: Refrain from starting without checking properly dried-up skin since this wouldn’t allow for a smooth glide of the blades on your skin’s surface.

  3. Apply shaving cream: Before you begin, make sure to apply some shaving cream that contains moisturizing agents like Aloe Vera or Cocoa Butter—essential for keeping your skin soft and supple!

  4. Stretch it out: Ever watched those kung-fu movies where martial artists stretch their muscles before starting their training? It’s the same concept here! Pull down your cheeks and push up your jawlines lightly so that there’s little-to-no issue with cutting yourself by accident.

Using Your Electric Shaver

Now comes the fun part! Let’s turn on our trusty shavers, put them into action!

  1. Power Up: The majority of electric shavers are rechargeable nowadays, which is why you should ensure it has enough battery power before commencing.

  2. Hold It Right: First things first! Hold the razor perpendicular (90 degrees) against your face as this will give even spacing between hair removal territories without twisting any strands unnecessarily along the way.

  3. Light Pressure Only!: Use light pressure – don’t be overly enthusiastic in pushing too hard especially when attempting aggressive cuts; else you’ll end up with red-faced aggression instead.

Trivia Moment: Fun fact- Thomas Alva Edison invented an electric pen which was originally intended as a miniature copying system while being used for actigraphy purposes since ink wasn’t quite adequate compared to electricity use)

Directions on How to Shave Different Beard Styles

Stubble Style

Don’t fancy having long facial hair anymore? Say no more! Follow these easy steps:

1a.) Start by trimming down longer hairs using whatever means necessary (scissors/trimmer). Get rid of all excess beard growths from last week’s lackluster vibe days..

2b.) Slightly angle razor (<45 deg) upwards over face region if desired saving time or solely in case of emergencies.

Pro-tip: Watch out! Stubble can be rather sharp; so, try to trim/remove gradually until the desired length.

Full Beard

Whether it is a yeard or designer heavy-duty beard kind, we’ve got you covered! Follow these steps for getting that clean-looking finish:

1c.) First things first, keep razor perpendicular to your face and then shave from neck upwards gradually trying not to miss any spots or sections in-between

2d.) Use circular motion – This works particularly well on round shaped faces since this technique ensures smoothness all-around.

3e.) Tilt the razor’s head at an angle (<45 deg) and extent upwards starting from lower neck area until desired coverage achieved.

Maintaining Your Shaver

Now that you’ve finished with your new-found friend let’s discuss how best to take care of our gadgets correctly.

  1. Clean after each use: By removing used blades and cleaning them up various forms of damage (like our bloodied cheeks) reduced significantly over time.

  2. Don’t forget lubrication: Like palm tree leaves in Hawaii on hot summer days don’t neglect proper maintenance practices by lubing the blades every week/every other week; else they could become less effective due accumulated debris.

(Summary) Whether you’re going for a full-on takedown of a Designer Heavy-Duty Combo Yeard; Reducing your 5 ‘O’ Clock shadow down one notch manually after trimming – Pay attention >to skin prepping + Continuous blade maintenance< are essential elements towards achieving optimal results (Conclusion).

That’s it folks!! With regular upkeep and gentle handling during sessions —you’ll have perfectly groomed facial hair/stubble minus untimely unwarranted red discolouration(s).

Go ahead put this knowledge into practice asap but do so carefully. You’ll soon upgrade from generic gory visuals associated with traditional razor mishaps, towards that cool suave gentleman befitting of any grooming periodical feature.