How to use dentek tooth saver?

You know the feeling: you’re out and about, grabbing a quick bite or rushing through your day when suddenly — snap! One of your teeth pops out. We’ve all been there, but fear not! With the Dentek Tooth Saver, you can save that tooth and avoid an embarrassing gap in your smile. Here’s how:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First things first, let’s make sure you have everything you need. Before attempting to use the Dentek Tooth Saver, grab some gloves (if available), sterile gauze, and saline solution.

Step 2: Retrieve Your Lost Tooth from the Ground

P.S – Make Sure To Confirm It’s Yours

There are few things more awkward than picking up someone else’s discarded body part thinking its yours’, so ensure that it is your missing tooth before doing anything.

Assuming this is indeed your orphaned chomper we will move on!

Step 3: Cleanse The Area

Your loose molar may have picked up some dirt or debris as it fell to the ground (Bonus Fact dropping a wisdom tooth gives great luck for months). Grab some of that sterile gauze we mentioned earlier, dampen with saline solution if available and give that sucker lickety-split rubdown like there’s no tomorrow!

This ensures there’s nothing remaining inside lurking within our little prize before getting started attaching dental hardware back on top again..

Step 4: Reattach The Tooth Using Your Dentek Tool

The Dentek tool(also known as ‘The Miracle Maker’) typically comes with two pieces – A small container packed with bonding material adhesive; And another dense-to-the-touch toenail-sized doodad used as plugger-applicator which jams itself into said tube.

Here’s where it gets tricky yet surprisingly user-friendly. Make sure you know which side is the “tooth” and which side is its counterpart, the “crown”. Next, place a small amount of bonding material on to crown/adhesive point.

Finally with pinch-like movements slowly but surely plug both ends together until – poof! It’s like it never even happened!

Step 5: Check for an Even Bite

Nobody wants their teeth to look sloppier than a two year old’s finger-painting, so make sure your newly attached tooth lines up properly with your others. If not use gentle pressure to adjust it accordingly.

Step 6: Secure Tooth With Wax Strips

Here’s where that steady hand comes in handy again! After noticing if everything is balanced out bracingly, carefully apply wax strips along both sites (on top and bottom ) of nearest tooth ensuring the new addition stays put just as securely as all others..

This will keep any stray food particles or fluids from dislodging things(!) Not only this but saves anyone awkward conversations about their fallen biotics at subsequent social events they attend without worrying much..

Step 7: Avoid Eating Hard Foods Or Crunchy Snacks & Beverages

Though tempting enough, chewing down on hard foods simply spells trouble inducing chip off dents/risking our dentek saver falling out completely ruining everything we’ve worked oh-so-hard-to-achieve thus far!

So put some immediate pause button now on those M&Ms or potato chips no matter how thirstily enticing they are!. Instead opt for soft mashed potatoes or warm-and-welcoming soups ..

Step 8 : Don’t Smoke/Vape!

We would assume that one doesn’t need our guidance regarding quitting smoking/or altogether avoiding vaping after grappling patiently through this whole process —but maybe somebody needs reminding? Avoid tobacco products during initial healing phase…

The last thing anyone needs is to light up and ruin all their hard work applying the tooth saver.

Step 9: Clean Our Mundane Routine

Hassle-Free Travel Hacks Oh Yeah

No one wants extra expenses lurking around in times of falling out teeth… oral hygiene products it isn’t as simple to obtain/access while on go – OR if you’re just plain lazy like myself, double bonus! With the Dentek ToothSaver kit set comes a cleaning loop , use this purpose-built ‘brushlike’ object for scrubbing down interstices between your natural gnashers(..) make sure nothing alarming is left behind!

After you are done brushing apply some mouthwash or warm water within; Gently swirl close-lipped (PS sorry people who cannot do that) to eliminate last minuscule food debris hiding inside.

You can put away now our heroic dental superhero cape until further notice folks, buh-bye DenTek Tooth Saver.!

Step 10: Repeat These Steps If Required & See A Professional

An important note – Please delay the temptation of being relaxed regarding attending an emergency dentist solution once these steps have been followed since roughly calculated success-rate’s only 70-80% accurate..usually they should restore function back after every time we fumble through this process courtesy The Miracle Maker but doctor knows best!.

So better safe than sorry. Book yourself into nearest professional place with a comfortable location and skilled doctors and other healthcare professionals(at least two recommendations preferred!).

That’s it! You’ve successfully used the Dentek ToothSaver to reattach your missing tooth. While it might take some practice (and nerves of steel), following these ten easy steps will allow you to save your tooth and keep that beautiful smile shining bright.

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