How to use cigarette?

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced smoker, using cigarettes can be tricky business. However, with a little bit of guidance and some practice, anyone can learn the tricks needed to become a pro-smoker. In this guide we’ll take you through everything you need to know about how to use cigarettes in the funniest way possible.

Before We Start

Before diving into the process of using cigarettes like a pro, it’s important that we discuss some crucial points. These will not only help you understand what smoking is all about but also enable you to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing your preferred smoke:

What is Smoking?

Smoking is where someone inhales and exhales smoke from burning tobacco encased in rolling paper (cigarette). When inhaled through the mouth or nose, some substances – including nicotine – are absorbed into the bloodstream through lung tissues resulting in pleasurable effects.

Why Do People Smoke?

People smoke for various reasons: relieving stress, relaxation purposes or just because they enjoy it.

The Risks Associated With Smoking

Smoke contains over 70 chemicals known as carcinogens which increase chances of getting cancer by binding onto DNA creating mutations/cancerous cells. It also poses other health implications such as bronchitis, emphysema and asthma attacks among others.

Steps on How To Use Your Cigarette Like A Pro

Here are steps involved while smoking just like pros do:

  1. Step One: Getting A Lighter

As all creatures would attest to having seen Harry Potter movies (Hogwarts Edition), one looks cooler when lighting their cigarette casually without looking at them- Most likely with palms open giving off illuminations seen around cabro roads during night time from street lights reflecting its light waves.
Alternatively get yourself windproof lighter so game changer here! Windy situations don’t give tell nears “Light me up” rather it’s “is this thing on?

  1. Step Two: Position The Cigarette Properly

You have sufficiently acquired your lighter and now with greater power comes great responsibility”~momentially. Hold the cigarette lightly without choking, so using two fingers would be ideal.

  1. Step Three: Lighting The Cigarette Up

As soon as you position your cigarette well, place the flame under its tip burning just enough tobacco to create an ember(sighs, trust us know get go signal from inside of cheek or a raised eyebrow).

  1. Step Four: Puffin’ Time!

It takes few puffs to get that “nicotine hit”. Inhale by placing lips around filter end slowly puffing mouth full followed by deep inhalation through nostrils holding for a few seconds before exhaling magically towards no one(we think every smoker should perfect this art). If feeling dizzy immediately take cautionary measures.

  1. Repeat With Style: Waving Your Hand Gestures Like A Pro

Once you’ve gotten into flowy smokey rhythm keep practicing! Try out different stylish hand gestures like casually flicking ash off at appropriate moments- but do not overdo it lest we mistake walking billboard (insert wink emoji)

Things To Keep In Mind While Smoking

Below are some guidelines that would help any first-time smoker maintain cool while improving their smoking experience altogether:

Consider Others Around You While Smoking

Some individuals may not find smoking enjoyable hence avoid incommodious others while screening safe zones or designated areas for smokers in given premises(e,g near bus stops).

Drink Fluids After Smoking

Smoking dehydrates and could lead to dry throat; therefore drink fluids regularly keeping you hydrated always.

Never Offer Cigarettes To Minors

Cigarettes never meant for children; underage individuals restricted against buying/using them legally thus avoid offering to them. This behavior punishable under law, not forgetting moral ethical guidelines.


We hope this comprehensive guide has given you all the information you need to smoke like a pro(decades long dedication). Whether it’s your first time or you are seasoned pro-smoker, remember that smoking is an addictive habit and should be done responsibly(ironic).

Keep practicing those stylish hand gestures and “smoky impression” because practice makes perfect. It may not always vogue but what matters most-at times- smoking levels of enjoyment for some:)

Happy puffin’!