How to use caladryl lotion?

Are you tired of dry and itchy skin in the summer? Does mosquito bites bother you all night long? Well, look no further. We have got a hilarious guide that will have you scratching your head…in confusion! But really, we are here to help! Today’s topic is Caladryl lotion. You know what they say; an itch in time saves nine.

What is Caladryl Lotion?

Caladryl lotion is not some magical potion that turns your skin into gold. Sorry to disappoint ya! Instead, it’s a topical medication used for treating mild rashes caused by poison ivy, poison oak or insect bites such as mosquitoes.

What’s Inside the Bottle?

The ingredients listed on the back might sound like a bunch of chemical compounds from students’ lab manual but don’t worry; there’s nothing too dangerous inside (fingers crossed!) Some notable ones include:

  • 5% medicated hydrochloride
  • Glycol stearate
  • Glycerin
  • Ceteareth alcohol
  • Povidone K90

If none of them rings any bells in your mind then keep reading for our upcoming “Chemistry Class: The Sequel” article!

When should I use Caladryl lotion?

Well, let us give you some clues because we can’t be with y’all 24/7 (we’ve tried!)

For Bug Bites

You know that red bump on your leg where it feels like someone has placed one hundred needles simultaneously? That’s right — Mosquito bites.

No need to scratch till blood oozes out anymore because dum dum da damm, cue cala-dra-matic music –– Caldryle lotioooonnn!!! Apply over affected area(s) after cleaning and drying the skin. Rinse your hands thoroughly before heading to bed or another day’s activities.

For Plant Rashes

When on a hiking trip, you found out that golden rule – “Leaves of three; let it be.” Go hike instead at a nearby puppy park because those plants are poison ivy/oak/sumac (We know they all look alike but trust us!)

So what’s next? Your body is going to cringe with irritation! But guess who’s coming for rescue – Caladryl lotion. Again, clean and dry the affected area(s) gently then apply caladryl lotion over them as directed by physicians. Trust us — if you skip this step stick some thumbs up emoji on that rash too!

How Does Caladryl Lotion Work?

Caladyrl’01 – Roll camera Action! Okay kids, it works by drying out your rash gradually while also providing cooling relief from itching immediately upon application of the medication.

Pro tip: Do not use heavy duty detergents as this will wash away any effects left on the skin by cala-dra-matic lotioooonnn!!!

Are there Any Side-Effects Of using Caladryl lotion?

Just like everything else in life, side-effects come hand-in-hand with every darn thing including our favorite fluffy cat (cryingly ironic). So don’t blame poor ‘ol chicken for always having bad feathers — same goes for animals with poor tic control skills hanging around in bushes or beds keeps biting you frequently.

The most common signs associated with hydrochloride 5% usage:

  • Burning sensations
  • Skin redness
  • Severe allergic reaction

Itching might worsen due to damp conditions arising from cream-containing areas so stay hydrated y’all!.

That was our comical guide folks! We hope we did more than just pinch your bone and the info is useful. In any case, make sure to revisit this article whenever you suffer from rashes or bites again so you get a good laugh while soothing your skin issues.

And lastly! Use Caladryl lotion as directed by physicians, read labels well before applying anything on your beautiful god gifted skin (stop tattooing names of ex in public places y’all!!!)

So stay safe! Stay healthy! And Say goodbye for once — to itching and scratching with our all-time favorite DIY high-five groovy shake!

(disclaimer applies!)

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