How to use brain power young living?

Are you tired of forgetting your keys, wallet, and passwords? Do you struggle with focusing on important tasks? Fear not! With the power of Brain Power Young Living, you can boost your brain’s performance and leave those forgetful days behind. In this guide, we will provide an in-depth look at how to use Brain Power and unlock your true potential.

What is Brain Power Young Living?

Before diving into the specifics of using Brain Power, let’s take a moment to talk about what it actually is. Brain Power is a blend of essential oils specifically designed to promote clarity, focus and memory retention through aromatic stimulation. The ingredients include:

  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense
  • Melissa (lemon balm)
  • Blue Cypress
  • Lavender

Each oil has unique properties which work together to create a powerful combination perfect for boosting mental function.

Preparing for Brain Boosting

Now that we know what Brain Power is let’s go through some preparation tips before using it. These hacks help unleash maximum effectiveness from the 5 ml bottle!

Sleep like A Baby but Don’t Act Like One

Adequate sleep prepares our body both emotionally and physically in many ways necessary for overall physical health as well as cognitive improvement [1] . For optimum results ensure that;

  • You have sufficient sleeping duration.
  • Avoid watching or reading content overloaded with information.
  • Turn off all devices one hour prior sleeping [2].

Nourish Your Body – Eat Until Satiety & Hydrate Often

What would be more fascinating than elevating energy level & hydrating organs also mentally sharpness inciting food choices?

  • Include protein in each meal (eggs, turkey breast).
  • Swap refined sugar foods/fluids i.e., candy and processed drink options for slow-release alternatives, e.g., whole-grain breads and fruits.
  • Drink water frequently.

Get Physical

A moderate amount of exercise can support your brain function by providing an increased blood flow to the brain.

  • Take frequent walking breaks
  • go swimming
  • jog a couple of times around the park

Choose an activity that gets you moving and feels enjoyable so it does not seem like a chore!

Prepare Brain Power Young Living

Now let’s get down to business. Before we start incorporating Brain Power into our routine, let’s talk about some steps needed for making sure its effects are most potent.

Follow these simple protocols;

  1. Store in a dry area away from direct sunlight
  2. Always dilute with carrier oil (coconut or almond) before topical application
  3. Apply specifically on port parts such as neck, temples & behind ears.
  4. Direct Olfactory diffusion method is also advisable where one drop inhaled directly at regular intervals enhances cognitive performance[3].

Incorporating Brain Power Into Your Daily Routine:

The best way to enjoy the benefits of this amazing essential oil blend is by making it part of your daily routine- just like having breakfast!

Here are some ideas that will help you use Brain Power effectively in your everyday life.

Diffuser Blend # 01: Aromatic Wake-Up Call!

This is ideal when feeling sluggish after waking up especially morning hours or directly post nap for availing quick burst energy utilizing antioxidant properties present within lemon balm found inside Melissa [5]. Combine;
Blue Cypress - 1 drop``Cedarwood – 3 dropsLavender- 2 drops“`

Diffuse near work station/opposite study table before starting any task requiring mental focus including checking emails/organizing documents etc.

Yoga + Meditation + Labyrinth = Focused Mind

There’s nothing like a good yoga or meditation session to clear your mind and prep it for the challenges of the day. Adding Brain Power into the mix raises focus stakes.

Frankincense- 2 drops
Melissa -1 drop
Cedarwood —3 drops

Diffuse using ceramic oil burns therapy while performing Yoga/Meditation/Labyrinth exercises[4].
Feel rejuvenated and energized towards significant productivity gain afterwards.

Workstation Body Bliss

Inevitable lengthy sitting hours at desk create lethargy feel which proves to be counterproductive. Utilizing this blend can prevent such fatigue by activating nervous response movements in muscles
Lavender—3 drops
Blue Cypress—2drops
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood—1 drop

Apply diluted on both wrists, temple, behind ears& neck for feeling encouraged & active & productive throughout.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to use Brain Power Young Living, you’re ready to tackle even the most demanding tasks with clarity, focus and memory retention! From creating daily routines that incorporate diffusing Brain Power, adding it within exercise/movement practice sessions or as part of workstation body bliss regime — there are plenty of ways you can unleash its full potential.

So go ahead and give these tips a try – we guarantee they’ll help keep your mental sharpness intact always; making life more easygoing without all hassles often encountered whenever data storing/clarity tasks seem tedious!


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