How to use a facial roller rose quartz?

Facial rollers have gained immense popularity these days, and for good reason too! Not only do they make you feel like an Instagram model but also help you get rid of facial puffiness and enhance your beauty. With the raging demand for skincare products, facial rollers have made way in every skincare routine leading to diverse options that can be overwhelming. However, fear no more as we present you with everything needed for using rose quartz facial roller right!

What Is A Facial Roller Rose Quartz?

A facial roller rose quartz is a prized semi-precious stone that adds elegance and functionality in one go. The rolling device has two crystal heads mounted on each end of it; smaller for under-eye areas/eye sockets – while the larger head targets features outside the eye socket (forehead,jawline) . Rose quartz crystals are packed with minerals such as magnesium, iron or potassium making them ideal candidates as parts of our self care routine.

Benefits of Using a Facial Roller

Facial Rollers are gradually becoming popular because everybody needs “me time”. We love grooming ourselves whenever we find some spare minutes from our busy schedule. Let’s take a closer look at what makes using such devices so amazing:

  1. Reducing Puffiness: Noticeably reduce puffiness on face especially under eyes
  2. Boosting Blood Circulation: Using technique including Pressure points encourages fresh blood supply
  3. Relieve Undesirable Eyebags: Help eliminate blockages resulting thereby eliminating water retention below lower lash line.
    4.Help Skin Care Products Absorption : Massage helps absorption into skin aiding brighter complexion.

If all this convinced you enough let’s dive straight into understanding how to use it properly-

Steps To Be Followed While Using A Face Roller

The process takes up around 10-15 minutes depending on preference:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Face

Before you begin rolling your face, complete a few easy steps to make it easier on yourself.

  1. Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry.
  2. Apply skincare serum of choice
  3. Allow for some settling time roughly about 2 minutes

Step 2 – Use the Large Roller

The larger crystal head will mostly focus on areas such as cheeks, forehead,jawline or neck; Start from the sides by placing under ear area with arrow pointing toward centre part of body (chest). Lower roller horizontally move skin gently towards middle section then upward vertically down along cheekbones using pressure points underneath mandibular bone).

Use ‘Snail Trail” technique whereby we attain lifting benefits that could replace any sort of cosmetic surgery done in dermatology offices). Next up trace over the décolletage if needed treating all attention areas first before finishing off atop head moving downward again-

Step 3 – Using Small End For Delicate Under Eye Area/Features

A smaller cranial massager treated eye-prone region effortlessly circles fine lines aiding eye strain & fluid retention – this also ideal for lip-locks too!

Step 4 – Clean Up!

When done rolling whole facial region allow cleansing with warm water even when there is no visible excess serum- Cleaning preferably to be performed using gentle cloth without use products around eyes since they access pores easily creating potential harm.

Tips And Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

It’s not enough to have a facial crystal roller(s), in fact perfecting several techniques would ascertain relaxation and smooth slicked finish:

  • Don’t apply excess force onto skin making sure rollers are gliding effortlessly
  • If kept properly at lower temperature ,using them cold leaves high refreshing sensation
  • Keep Rollers clean whilst avoiding sanitizers containing alcohol which may damage metals,
  • Place Crytal Rollers inside refrigerator before usage allowing product enhancement through slight drop in temperature .

Final Thoughts

Facial roller rose quartz crystals are beyond doubt an essential part of self-care which could give you a spa-like treatment without ever stepping foot in the parlour! Not only this but using it is also therapeutic so go ahead and treat yourself to some sunshine-lit selfies with your newly learned skills, we gaurantee it’ll be the next best thing.

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