How to unplug inner ear?

Are you feeling like there’s a water balloon in your ear? Is hearing becoming difficult or uncomfortable? Don’t panic! The solution might just be simpler than you think. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unplug inner ear and get back to the land of clear hearing.

Understanding Your Inner Ear (Or Pretending To)

The first step in any process is understanding the problem. But really who has time for that? Let’s pretend we do know what we’re talking about here:

  1. Your inner ear contains sensitive balance organs and cochlea.
  2. These delicate structures can easily become clogged with fluid or wax.
  3. Trapped liquid can cause dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo or gasp fullness of the ear.

You may have tried tilting your head like a dog trying to understand gravitational forces while drinking water from its bowl but it doesn’t work – so let’s move on!

Should You See A Doctor?

Let us guess, going hours without being able hear yourself burp is concerning even if hilarious at times! While some cases require seeing an ENT specialistwe believe home remedies/ quick fixes should always be tried before seeking professional help.

When Not To Wait And Why

Did someone shoot squirt gun water into both ears by accident during pool day?
Are thunderous claps of music still ringing long after that all night concert despite every thing since smelling damp and musty?
If any foreign object such as toy parts are caught inside causing further pain don’t hesitate waiting too long – go straight for professional intervention!

DIY Remedies That May Work

We’ve compiled a list of DIY remedy options that should have one significant effect regardless whether they solve anything: STRANGERS ASK IF YOU ARE OKAY?

Olive Oil Drops Or Baby Oil Technique

When was the last time you treated your ears with TLC? These condiments worked well yesterday in your salad and for your skin, now let it work its magic on that inner ear wax expanding like fondue at sunrise.

  1. Warm a few drops of oil (olive or baby) by rubbing them between fingers to prevent possible vertigo from cold drips
  2. Then they can be dispensed into ear using an eye dropper.
  3. Tilt head in such a way so that diluted gravity doesn’t overcome applied liquid thereby avoid messy consequences
  4. Leave mixture in until slackening feels imminent then flush out after an hour tipping the affected side downwards over basin or other surface.
  5. Rub some more affectionately to loosen any lingering gunk (saxxy smooth jazz music playing here).

Hydrogen Peroxide Technique

Not just a superhero’s power, hydrogen peroxide also has some useful benefits:

  1. Dilute 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water such as fresh mountain rains – not mineral infused swamp waters!
  2. With tweezers/ clean hands squeeze four five drops into blocked ear canal/muffled hearing portal-o-bliss syndrome.
  3. Wait ’til mild bubbling sound kicks in but rest easy no comic book wonder effects take place possibly giving any guidance on meaning behind life existence…
    4.Drain audio-canal of all mixtures after five min then use soft fabric towel/finger clasping action to remove loosened earwax.

Do NOT hurry results!

If both methods fail kindly do not resort to unsolicited advice from self-proclaimed alternative medicinary groups~ we will offer choice recommendations 🙂

Packing It In: Earplugs To The Rescue

Despite traditional beliefs that pushing anything inside one’s year is dangerous- why hold back when these days “trendy” seems questionable! Especially where silicon-based saviors are concerned?

Soft silicon material won’t harm ear
Comfortable to sleep in if you happen upon someone who snores…

They aren’t just for loud concerts either- some people require special earplugs all day, every day. Cheapestroundthecornertonicoaxyouintoabuy Earplug alternatives include:

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Tissue paper
  3. Melting marshmallows

(The last one may be a stretch- however our sources indicate success rate on this procedure is nothing short of amazing!)

Consult The Experts

If your inner ear situation isn’t resolved with these remedies or they don’t seem right for you – we propose that’s when it’s time to see an ENT specialist! Attempting unknown tricks like dunking head into vodka/bourbon/milk/beet juice which can actually worsen and cause more pressing effects should be avoided.

Sit back, relax and let the doctor dig deep where none have gone before!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

We know you’ve heard ‘prevention is better than cure’ but are tired of hearing it everywhere especially workplace memos reminding us to only use company toilet papers! Good news: It applies here too!

Here are some proactive tips:

Do Not Poke Your Ear Like A Pin Cushion

Sticking pencils/cotton buds/hairpins/ Bobby pins as far as possible inside ears causes impacted wax impaction risk versus unplugging!
Itchiness has been addressed by certain companies though primarily advertised with “Nose Scratching Pads”, sorry folks…

Avoid Loud Noises / Public Nuisances/ Annoying Relatives…

Dumb down/lower noisy music vibrations from permanently damaging vital cochlea so that conversing without having resorting to yelling in person-face-to-face remains a possibility.
Mingle strategically at parties thereby limiting exchange yet still remaining polite…
Distance oneself or wear bionic headphones to avoid irritating conversations, a skill to be perfected with practice.

Keep Ears Dry

Trapping in water whilst swimming/showering/ playing water polo and afterward keeping them moist leads to faster potential growth of bacteria/fungal infections- the urge of rubbing ear with fingers is not advisable either! Instead use clean towel or drying cloth gently.

And there you have it gentlemen/ladies/pets who were bored enough to listen – our hilarious guide on how unplug inner ear without turning ourselves into test subject for unheard / unethical remedies. Just remember: if all else fails, search for an expert professional advice!