How to undilate your pupils?

Have you ever experienced pupils that were so dilated, you looked like a walking cartoon character with bug eyes? Or worse, have people ever thought you’re under the influence of drugs when your pupils are just dilated because you went for an eye examination?

Well, worry no more! In this article, we’ll show you how to undilate your pupils and restore them to their normal size.

Before delving into the solution though, let’s understand what pupil dilation is and why it happens.

Pupil Dilation: What Is It and Why Does It Happen?

Your pupils are essentially little black holes in the middle of your irises (the colored part around your pupil). Their purpose is to regulate how much light enters your eye. When there’s not enough light available (like when you’re in a dimly lit room), your pupils will increase in size or dilate.

Similarly, when there’s too much light available (like during sunny days), they will decrease in size or constrict.

Besides changes in ambient lighting conditions- emotions like fear/anger/anxiety/excitement can cause our brains’ fight-or-flight response system to activate which results in psycho physiological effects-accelerating heart rate,breathing rates etc-in turn -pupil dilation exercises one among those responses.

So basically whenever our brain detects ‘hyperarousal’-in some cases from sympathetic nervous system activation-due stress ,anxiety,happiness it activates all sorts of chemical cocktails cutting corners around the body including increased adrenaline secretion resulting finally-pupil dilation!

Some medical disorders also force yours eyes into devoured destiny as well but that’s subject matter way beyond egghead lot out here(already bored?!)

The Solution: How Do I Undilate My Pupils?

The good news is that unlike other physical traits -body parts-We don’t have to ‘live with it’. you can always try out some of the under-mentioned methods to put your pupils back in their place!

Method 1: Simply Wait It Out

One of the most effective solutions could be simply waiting for enough time -as per experts,most pupils get normalised within a couple hours or longer. This may not be very helpful when one has resumed work and desperately seeks to look professional without being perceived as stoned.At other times,if someone is at the Office or Venue where bright lighting due natural factors cannot be controlled opt-in for indoor shades/dimmers.

Method 2: Cold Compress

Cold therapy works by narrowing blood vessels (vasoconstriction), which would cause less blood-alcohol/chemicals if any circulation around our eyes resulting-pupil constriction.i.e Normalising Pupils In layman terms !

  • Step 1: Take a clean washcloth and wet it with cold water.
  • Step 2: Place it over your eyes for about five minutes
  • Step 3: Repeat this process two or three times, allowing a few minutes between applications.

Alternative options include placing chilled slices of cucumber dipped in rose-water(astringent) or using refrigerated eye gel masks specifically meant for taking care of swollen/red puffy eyes giving ultimate comfort that one needs while quick-fire attending meeting seconds after eye examination.(pro-tip 🙂

Be sure to gently massage eyelids(finger spacing ) during application-time period through fingertips,this will benefit muscles & surrounding tissues accelerating rebound course better than running(compression-wringing-out).

If looking like a sniveling sob-fest isn’t your thing then maybe browse through next alternatives!!

Method 3 : Artificial Tears/Over-the-counter(Impoverish Dark Circles)

Artificial tears are known to have temporarily vasoconstrictive effects-if chosen right(i.e artficial tears containing naphazoline component) intermingled with other ingredients giving herbal essences for example ,can do wonders in reducing pupil dilation.

Also, several over-the-counter eye-drop products have the ingredient-naphazoline hydrochloride(eyedropping relief during hayfever season!) that help constrict your pupils. A word of caution though: Overuse can lead to rebound dilation (when eyes become so dry they work harder and cause more fluid retention!). Usage akin an Escape-Room Challenge-Use only as directed or delegate task specifically If someone is feeling generous 😉

Method 4: Low-Level Light Therapy

As we learned before- the primary reason behind our dilating pupils is due to a lack of ambient lighting. Therefore, supplementing it by low-level light sources may just be what you need.

  • Step 1: Sit in a dimly lit room
  • Step 2: Use very subtle,mellow LED-based lights like Himalayan Salt-lamps or amber colored night-light Fixtures.
  • Step3 : Relax while observing positive effects on physical body-synching perfectly without having any adverse-effect on anybody generally

This way,you are tricking/training-your brains into thinking enough illumination has been provided so there’s no further requirement of conducting hyper-inference/activation resulting lowered dilation!


And voilà! By using these methods-tricks -you’ll be able to undilate your pupils in no time at all. You won’t look like you’ve done something illegal just because you had an optometrist appointment earlier that day.

When deciding which method works best for you, always take into account any existing health conditions allergic reactions etc read feedback specific product requirements recommended have controlled stock well ahead Of some emergency meeting/moment popping up outta nowhere.A simple response mechanism will help smoothen the process-be sure to relax and breathe-everyone was vulnerable sometimes 🙂

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