How to type crying sound?

Do you ever want to express your emotions through text, but find it hard to capture the sound of crying in words? Look no further, because we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to type crying sounds like a pro!

Let’s Get Started

Before we dive into the different ways you can type out crying sounds, let’s first talk about why it’s important. As humans, we communicate not just through words but also through sounds and body language. When texting or chatting online, using these sounds can help convey the depth of emotion that may be lost in plain text.

So whether you’re feeling happy tears, sad sniffling or uncontrollable sobbing – adding those affecting sobs and whimpers gives your messages an extra dimension that enables empathy.

Now let’s take a look at some creative ways for typing different types of cryingsounds.

Boo-hoo Variations

Boo-hoo is a classic way of representing someone who is sniveling with tears spilling down their face due to sadness or anger.Here are four variations:

  1. ;-;

This emoticon certainly captures the spirit of sorrow overjoyed with grief by incorporating two teary eyes between semi-colons (our tear ducts dilate when we cry). And finally,a mouth drooping downwards as our sobs punctuate our cries.Then here comes one more semicolon which could represent a handkerchief after every ‘boo’.

  1. :’(

It’s another very common representationof sadness typified by sad-looking eyes (since there are no emojis for swollen red eyes)fixedly shedding lots of streaming tears,made up from colon followed by an apostrophe.

  1. QQ

    If noneemoticon suits your taste for expressing distress then QQ/9_9 might appeal since this reflects two closed tightly closed eyes , a full set of tears overflowing down the cheeks,which is either capitalized or not, with the likeness to Toriel’s tear stains in Undertale where Q’s are used for added effect.

  2. T_T

As if crying wasn’t enough already! This emoticon appears like some cartoon dual swelled up eyes oozing gallonsfor drying as two capital T’s thrown together results in a perfect way of relishingeyes surrenders to relentless grief.

Sniffle and Whimper

Visualize someone trying hard not to burst out completely into tears here. These portrayals illustrate effort put into keeping quiet while still being very sad.

  1. ;_;

Here we go again yet another heartbreaking representation demonstrating watery-eyed sadness symbolized by one semi-colon on each side paired with an underscore resulting in compact looks encapsulating runny noses aswell.

  1. UT^T

A twist on traditional more simple representations,is heavily inspired from undertale fandom characters and tailors around ‘UNDERTALE’game.So this depicts – closed tightly closed strain shut coupled with tiny slant eyebrows depressed outward which could represent confined whines (nasal sound made when sniffling)of Anguish.Concisely depicting that urge to exhaling air forcefully through repeatedly compressed nostrils making weirdnonsensical ‘oinks’and ‘ums’.

  1. .(

    If you crave something less involved than previous examples then .( takes matter credibly.Combined period and opening bracket maintains its uniqueness.Excelsior at holding back emotions can be conveyed through lots of little holds carefully placed within brackets.Itmeans person has reached breaking point but wanted it hidden under his/ her sleeves .

  2. >:C

    Well … now everything took unexpected drift.People often say that anger is frustration coming out.Anger hence causes teary eyes too; and so a tear duct with angrily downturned features pinned alongside an angry face served by rightwards arrow is good for typing irritation infused tears.

Ugly Cry

You know that cry, the one where you don’t even pretend it’s pretty anymore? Well,this visualization may help:

  1. TTATT

When mixed feelings inundate us , we feel powerless anddespondent.Consequently this representation lets your friends who receive it apprehend few things before they begin: You actually feel like heap of rubbish lying next to a wrecking ball also uncontrollable fear are certainly part of wreckage. Just two individually placed T’s on either side can do the same calling out simultaneouslyas widening lips in every unpleasant jerky sobbing plus simultaneous wails as if world has come crashing down /can’t carry burden any longer..

  1. ;(____);

    Main intention behind composing lengthy whines serves its purpose.Tears keep flowing non stop with no daylight visible ahead making it unable to fathom situations.This scenario here tells an opposite story from what our first example showed.It resembles someone breaking into unspeakable anguish experiencing distress through overzealous crying leading to runny nose (semi colon enclosing three underscores) supported by additional tears dropping carelessly herein parentheses from despair.

  2. :’[

    A tad similar representation primarily relying more prominently on eyebrows while maintaining essence intact.Represents extreme delight upon seeing something just before easily melting towards or turning puffy red, exerting some pressure in throat obviously culminating in tearing up.


There you have it – five creative ways to type crying sounds! It’s always advisable to add soreness under specific words or phrases like “sobs,” “sniffle,” “whimper”orthe best ones”boo-hoo.” Incorporating them in your messages cab amplify emotive content that plain text lacks.However,there’s no need to limit yourself solely by using these representations.There are milliards of ways in which you can express emotions through cyberspace.For true artistry and exclusivity it comes down to you as the writer!

Celebrate your unique communication style, never hesitate in trying something new or tweaking things around if not working out;this way we can come up with sound that enkindles every heartstrings..

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