How to turn hash into oil?

Are you tired of smoking hash all the time? If so, then it’s time to step up your game and turn that sticky substance into liquid gold. That’s right – we’re talking about hash oil! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to turn hash into oil.

What is Hash?

Before diving into the process of turning hash into oil, let’s first clarify what exactly we mean by “hash.”

Hash (short for “hashish”) is a compressed resin made from trichomes – the tiny structures found on cannabis plants that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Essentially, when you smoke or ingest hash, you’re getting an extremely concentrated dose of these compounds.

So why not just stick with smoking or consuming regular flower? Well,

  • Some people prefer the more potent high they get from hash,
  • While others enjoy the unique flavor profiles and terpene concentrations found in different varieties of hash.

Whatever your reason for using it may be, turning your stash of hard-packed kief balls or pressed pucks into liquid form can make it easier to consume and store.

The Equipment You Will Need

Turning hard packed material like hashes & kef aka dry sift – will require some specialist equipment:

1) Double-Boiler Method(Indirect Heat)

 Large pot
 Smaller saucepan
 Cooking thermometer

2) Rosin Technique(Direct Application of Pressure)

The whole idea here is pressure; either applied manually using a pollen press et al., OR electrically via machines designed specifically for this purpose e.g rosin presses

3) Solvent based(Method)

This method involves using solvents such as alcohol or butane in order to extract cannabinoids & other beneficial oils.

4) Rotary Evaporator(Optional Method)

Best performed after using the solvent-based method.

The Double-Boiler Method

Let’s start with a simple hash-to-oil method that doesn’t require any dangerous solvents or specialized equipment. You’ll need two pots for this – a large one and a smaller, heat-resistant one (like a Pyrex dish).

  1. Fill the larger pot about halfway with water and place it on your stove over medium heat.

  2. Put your hash in the smaller pot/dish which will then be placed gently onto of hot water, ensuring that there is no contact between them.

Pro tip: to avoid hot spots , it is advisable to line the bottom of the small pot/dish/sleave with hemp fabric/fiber

  1. Place cooking thermometer in both containers so you can monitor their temperatures throughout the heating process.

  2. Heat up slowly until almost boiling point – Hash oil decarboxylation occurs at ~95°C Aroma compounds/flavornoids & terpenes burn off at around 110°C

5) Once temperature has been reached reduce heat immediately to low as slow-roasting/hash-denaturising sets in past 120-130C due our lovely friend THC being activated & burnt/destroyed if not careful.

6) As bubbles form on top of melted/hot gooey black gold remove dish from direct source (water bath/pot)

7) Let cool down slightly before pouring into desired storage container(drop bottle/ tincture bottles work best)

The Rosin Technique

Another popular way to turn solid forms like hashes/kief into oil involves using pressure rather than heat:

1) Preheat rosin press or use like mentioned earlier(apply manual pressure via pollen presses/loading spot)
Note: Preheat temp usually vary by models mostly they are within ranges of around below :

–Sasquash M1 incline –100F-150F
–Dulytek DHP7 –100F-250F
–Rosinbomb M50 –120C

2) Insert your hash – placed pressing paper/filter material(This might include multiple crumpled-up layers of parchment or a proprietary selection)

3) Apply pressure.

4) Remove filter papers, scrape residue into storage container using dab tool.

Solvent-Based Method

If you’re up for a bit more complexity and experimentation, the solvent-based extraction method may be the way to go. In this case, you’ll need some extra equipment:

  1. Pyrex glass or screened collection containers: 470ml are preferred these come complete w/ lids for easier shaking by hand.
  2. High-purity Isopropyl Alcohol aka “99% ISO” is used to remove plants compounds which can then be evaporated away leaving behind oils/residues only.
  3. Coffee filters/paper towels,Cheesecloth and/or fine mesh sieves & brayers etc-These help separate solid material from mixture fluid.

This process involves mixing your hash with alcohol until all the beneficial substances have been extracted before letting everything evaporate in order to create an oil concentrate that’s highly potent.

Step-by-step Instructions

Here’s how to extract THC from weed using high-proof alcohol:

1-Put Your Material In A Glass Jar And Pour In Enough Alcohol To Cover Them.

→”And don’t forget; you will need quality cannabis!”.

Pro Tip : Always remember "garbage in garage out." Use the best buds possible if expecting good yields..


  1. Take Metal Stirrer Or Scoop / Spoon/chopstick (somthing non-plastic preferably), mix it around very gently .

→”Easy On The Wrist!”.

After about 30 seconds try not move it too much as there might interfere with the THC extraction process


  1. Let it sit for several hours; stirring every hour or so to ensure even distribution.

  2. Take out Keif bags shake excess alcohol from each bag into a casserole dish lined with parchment

It’s important not let any liquid go to waste! Once you’ve collected all that precious oil, discard plant material (or use however you like).

  1. Place your collection pan in a warm dry place – avoiding direct sunlight while covering too making sure environment is free of foreign objects such as dust particles

6.Wait patiently allowing heat to work on recovering solvent ie evaporation

7.There will be leftovers and build-up around the pans during evaporation/drying off stage:

  • Scraps/Oil Residues → Gently scrape these up w/ plastic scratch pad & transfer them onto wax paper put weights ON TOP thus setting overnight..

Et voila next day a nice hash cake/bar

  • Leftover alcohol/water mixture→ store this somewhere safe until disposal time

1 litre ISO will be enough for roughly one ounce of quality hash(no stems/seeds).

Pro Tip:Although not required, using higher-end filtering equipment can help produce cleaner final results

Rotary Evaporator : Optional Method

While this method may sound more complicated than previous two — If “you know what you’re doing,” and are willing invest in/maintain specialized equipment,you’ll end up with high-quality,clean concentrate devoid solvent residuals.

You’ll need:
Rotary evaporator/A vac pump aid With heated pressure chamber attached,A receptacle flask/Mat,Bulb/finger-stirrer(tail),Heating bath/chiller

Step-by-step Instructions

Turn pressine kief(Pre presses)into round coins weighing 28g or less.Do Not Overload The Rota-Vap w/ too much product… Otherwise, Your Concentrate Won’t Evaporate Properly!

  1. Weigh Your Kief Coin & Place It Into The Flask on your rotary evaporator

Ensure everything is settled and secure.Make sure that the kief coin won’t move around inside the flask as it rotates.

  1. Lower everything in one smooth continuous motion into heating bath.

After making any necessary pressure/temp adjustments, Turn device ON carefully observing critical steps everyday during operation Process.

3.Wait patiently for process to reach completion -Knowing which strains require more or less power requires experience.This greatly varies depending on equipment model/make but should take you no more than eight(8) hours under most circumstances.

4.Once complete; result will be smooth,warm hash oil devoid all negative residuals — You know what that means? It’s time to sit back,enjoy,& revel over how great of a job you did turning hard hash materials into liquid gold!

Remember: the key to success with this method is choosing an appropriate solvent that can effectively dissolve cannabinoids without leaving behind dangerous contaminants like residual n-Butane. Keep all flammable solvents far from outlets/flames

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to turn hash into oil, ranging from simple heat-based methods like double-boiling to complex extraction processes involving solvents and specialized equipment. Whatever method you choose, make sure you understand all safety precautions involved with working such tools/equipment & properly storing/dosing up your final delicious oils once done!

Ultimately, mastering how to transform solid cannabis products like hashes/kiefs/dry sifts into high-quality concentrate forms comes down experimenting.If interested its best starting small then gradually increasing load over time coming soon enough get results exactly desire.Thus,taking these few tips onto testing ground – And who knows might wind up discovering new way improving procured extracts!!

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