How to trim fingernails men?


Trimming one’s fingernails regularly can help maintain hygiene and prevent infections. However, many men lack knowledge about the proper way of trimming their nails that results in breakage, ingrown nails or painful cuts. Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions to trim your nails like a pro.

Tools Required

Before diving into the procedures let’s gather some tools necessary for achieving those perfect looking trimmed nails.

  • A nail clipper (preferably made of stainless steel)
  • A filer
  • Scissors
  • Cuticle pusher

Step 1: Soak Your Nails

Soak It Like It’s Hot

Firstly, soak your fingers in warm water for around ten minutes, which will make them soft and relaxed. This process will also remove dirt and debris from under your nails, making it easier to clean them later on.

Step 2: Start Clipping Away!

The Clip Art Of Trimming Nails

Using the furnished tool like scissors or clippers start by cutting off around 80 percent of your original nail length straight across; this helps avoid any uneven surfaces when you’re finished trimming.

You may want to use manicure scissors if you have especially thick nails that require more work to cut through.

Substep 2a.: A Straight-Cut Nail Look

Doing Your Own DIY Straight Cut Look

Hold onto each finger with one hand while using the other hand in slow but firm moments working towards getting a straight-cut look towards edges only so as not accidentally harm yourself along the way.

Substep 2b.: Round Tips For an Edgy Look

The Finger Stylist Designs- Rounded Tips Design Escape

Consider clipping away at slight angles after completing previous steps until desired shape is reached – this may mean rounding the tips of your nails or more dramatic curves.

Step 3: Filing It Right!

Filing that nail till it smooth as marble

After clipping, use the filer to shape the edge of your nail. File gently in one direction and avoid removing too much from corners. Never saw back and forth with a file because this can separate layers of your nail.

Finish by using the buffer side of the filer to remove any jagged edges, giving you perfectly-smooth ends.

If you’d like a square shape look for flat-topped nails, use an emery board to shape each tip over towards its opposite wall so they end up squared off – put on some good tunes while working at it if necessary.

Step 4: Apply Cuticle Cream

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away And An Application Of Cuticle Cream Helps Your Nails Stay Safe To Play!

This step is optional but highly recommended; apply cuticle cream around every cut after trimming them thoroughly against any possible injury.


We hope that our guide has provided all insights on how to trim fingernails men should not overlook.
Remember always practice proper hygiene before and during process likewise keep hands clean avoiding any infections or bacteria in areas where you operate.

Keep cultivating those sharp-looking digits gentlemen with these easy tips!

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