How to treat viral tonsil infection?

Viral infection of the tonsils, also known as viral tonsillitis, is an unpleasant condition that can cause a lot of discomfort. It’s not just some kind of simple throat soreness; it’s WAY WORSE than that! Whether you’ve had viral tonsillitis before or this is your first rodeo with the virus, this article will reveal everything you need to know about getting better.

The Symptoms

You might consider yourself unlucky if you’re showing these symptoms:
– Sore throat (ouch!)
– Difficulty swallowing (like trying to swallow sandpaper)
– Headache and ear pain (super fun combo)
– Red or inflamed tonsils with white spots/mucus plugs in them (yum)

If your answer was ‘yes’ to all four — congratulations! You probably have a viral infection on those lovely little mounds called -tonsils.

What causes it? Well…

How You Contract Viral Tonsil Infection

Please note: there are no flying unicorns involved nor are they “trying” anything.
Viral infections spread pretty quickly through airborne droplets from person-to-person contact such as coughing/sneezing/talking really loudly/licking someone who has it already. Fun stuff!

However, we must acknowledge other reasons why one could get infected like sharing personal items without sanitizing them properly…ew.

Therefore, moving forward let’s dive into what you should do once you ascertain that you have contracted this nasty bug.

What Should I Do When I Have A Viral Tonsil Infection?

It can be tempting but please don’t panic because panicking accomplishes nothing except making people around us more anxious too (#LikeSeriouslyDont). Not only does time heal all wounds but so does a good remedy plan!
Here are a few things that just might help you survive:

1) Rest and Hydrate:

Your body is fighting off an infection so what better way to make this fight worthwhile but getting the much needed peace and rest it deserves. Stick with warm water, soups or herbal teas (Try Chamomile!) to keep your throat moistened especially if swallowing has become too difficult.

2) Gargle Some Salt Water:

The age-old solution of gargling salt water still works! Mix half a teaspoonful of salt in a glass of warm water then gargle for about fifteen seconds twice daily BUT DO NOT SWALLOW THE SALT-WATER SOLUTION.

Pro Tip: Add Honey

Another hack is adding honey (YES!, YES!!). The honey coating forms on the tonsils temporarily relieving irritation caused by coughs et al. Rejoice friends!

3) Get Over-The-Counter Meds

Head over to any drugstore or pharmacy closest that seems nice enough put on some clothes if you please – nobody wants unstylish health junkies in their stores (#NoJudgment though!).
Some OTC medications known for treating soreness due to viral flare-ups are painkillers like paracetamol, Theraflu or ibuprofen roughly every four hours as per dosage instructions.
– Paracetamol-if headache accompanying infection evidences itself yep?!
– Ibuprofen-Might be more ideal focus on soothing any inflammation accompanying infection


That’s not all folks! We can overcome #ViralTonsillitis together- Take these following steps into considerations too:

Foods To Eat And Avoid While Dealing With Viral Tonsil Infection

It could go one-way-or-another in this regard, so we’ll just start with what to avoid first:

What to Avoid When You Have A Viral Tonsil Infection

  • Milk-based products: These can cause your throat area additional irritation and mean ol’ mucus-yaaaay! Cheese-related sucks too(Maybe it is a good time to give yourself an excuse for being lactose intolerant huh? Just maybe!)
  • Citrus fruits or any other acidic food items: Please do not even think about sticking anything that has the slightest form of acid in there; it will make matters worse!
  • Hot spicy food items: While you should have an exciting palate-you might need to desert -the spicier side of life temporarily.

Add-On Tips:

You might want to take in these helpful tips alongside the dietary aspects:

  • Stay away from consuming chocolate; candyyyyy(how unfair right?)
  • Say no-no to alcohol (This period it’s tonics-and-not-tonics)
  • Don’t share drinks/glasses/cups/cutlery while dealing with infection

What You Should Eat Instead

To fight off viral tonsillitis, consume more vegetables (broccoli,) lean protein(chicken) when hungry-satisfying chicken soups italics may be a nice break too!, and foods containing monounsaturated fats such as nuts, seeds, avocadoes among others are great immune system boosters!

Prevention Is Key Too!

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” holds true.
Implementing various precautionary measures reduces one’s chances of contracting viral infections. Below are some tips for reducing risks associated with acquiring Viral Tonsillitis.

1.Wash your hands often.(cue chorus)
You don’t know where those fingers-of-yours-have-been-so-if-you-expect-to-rub-your-face-or-nose-instants-later hand-washing should come before everything!

  1. Avoid close contact with anyone that has a highly contagious infection

  2. Please Try To CLEAN Shared Objects

  3. Your pillowcase, hand towels, wands etc should be clean to avoid the transfer of germs.
    Not doing so could make you more susceptible to infections such as tonsillitis.

  4. Adopt Proper Cough/Sneeze Etiquette
    Remember those airborne droplets we talked about in the beginning? It’s simple just cover your mouth/nose while sneezing/coughing(Yep-know-duh-but-you’ll-be-surprised)

  5. Lastly, stay away from allergens (effects on throat-could-overlap)

In Conclusion

If struck down with any symptoms of Viral Tonsil Infection please do not hesitate putting into consideration some remedies discussed here today! Remember: To get back to feeling your best and cracking jokes again -please rest, hydrate well, gargle salt water/ honey/sage tea & seek over-the-counter medications when need arises!

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