How to treat trigeminal nerve pain?

Are you tired of feeling like someone is sticking hot daggers in your face? Do you wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day that your trigeminal nerve pain takes over your life completely? Fear not, my friend! In this article, we’ll explore some not-so-ordinary but effective ways to treat trigeminal nerve pain.

Let’s first understand what trigeminal nerve pain is:

To put it simply, if your brain was a town then the trigeminal nerve would be Main Street. It sends signals from your face and head back to the brain – pretty important stuff if you ask me. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with this street (aka gets compressed or irritated), it can cause severe pain in areas triggered by specific actions such as speaking, eating, yawning or even just simply smiling!

No one wants their happy smile interrupted by pesky and unnecessary pain signals running down their cheeks! So let’s look at how to ease this discomfort.

Here are some natural remedies for treating Trigeminal Nerve Pain:

1) Keep Your Head Cool:
By cool I mean really cold. Place an ice pack on whichever part of your head hurts for a few minutes several times each day. The extreme cold helps numb any sensation which in turn provides relief from the intense sharp sensations caused due to pressure on nerves.

2) Get Regular Massages:
Ahhh massages…is there anything better? Especially during these trying times when our whole body seems tense and uptight all hours of the day. Getting regular massages will help release tension around any regularly affected muscles in certain facial area & reduce inflammation thus keeping those attacks away.

3) Exercise Properly: (as if anyone really exercises “improperly”)

It’s always important to take care of yourself physically so make sure your posture is correct and if you are working on a computer for long periods of time that the screen is at eye level so that you don’t strain your neck. An overly stressed neck can impede blood flow to facial muscles and any pressure in this area has potential to activate Trigeminal pain.

4) Try Essential Oils:
Essential oils? Really?
Yes, really. Believe it or not, essentials oils have natural analgesic properties which means they help reduce pain sensations due to their beneficial chemical make up. The essential oil Chamomile especially has been proven effective in treating nerve pains thus bring some relief.

5) Rest Up:
(really, ya think?)

We all love taking naps but when it comes down to relieving Trigeminal Nerve Pain as well adequate sleep pattern plays major role. Our body performs natural cell renewal process during sleep period & tissues repair work occurs more effectively during deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep if we dont stick around with our “NetflixnChill” routine.

6) Stay Hydrated 24×7:

Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure toxic elements inside body get eliminated properly whenever possible thus ensuring blockages aren’t formed frequently / There’s no actual substitute for plain water!

Medical Treatment Options:

Getting somewhat bored or need some larger-scale treatments than those crafty little recommendations above We’ve got them covered!

  1. Surgery
    The trigeminal nerve runs close parallel along the skull base between eaarly-to-mid brain areas.Trained surgeons can try microsurgery around surrounding nerves from wider angle making sure thereby decompressing affected parts of the trigeminal nerv eand giving longer term symptomatic relief

  2. Medications
    Various medications given day-into-night basis including antiepileptic drugs like gabapentin, carbamazepine etc or tricyclic antidepressants i.e. nortriptyline for battling nerve pains. These sort of prescriptions do take a hot minute to take full effect and thus it’s important to trust your doctor.

  3. Physical therapy
    In cases where the trigeminal damage has led up to or after duller pain signals aren’t being countered by natural body mechanisms anymore, physical therapy sessions with trained physiotherapists can help alleviate symptoms in combination with the above mentioned remedies too!


Just because you might be prone to Trigeminal Nerve pain doesn’t mean that you will have endure endless suffering all the time! Following these easy enough natural treatments should definitely give some relief from those awful sensations running through our head & face! If these remedies simply dont work out then consulting a healthcare professional is always recommended and make sure get right treatment options available as cure is always around the corner if taken seriously in steps little-by-little everyday…!

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