How to treat swollen legs?

Ah, swollen legs. The nemesis of any fashionista, marathon runner or really just anyone who needs their two legs to get through the day.

Whether you’ve come back from a long haul flight or taken on an intense workout session with great ambition, it’s likely your feet and lower limbs have swelled up at some point – which is totally normal! However, don’t skip out either. There are thankfully things that can be done about it.

In this article, we’ll dive DEEP into everything from basic home treatments to more serious remedies for when those two elephant trunks refuse to shrink back down (sorry not sorry for being graphic).

So let’s slip into something comfortable (preferably compression tights) and get educated!

What Exactly are Swollen Legs?

Before we start discussing treatment options here’s a quick rundown on what exactly “swelling” entails:

When excess fluid accumulates around bodily tissues in a certain area (in this case the leg), swelling occurs due to inflammation of cells in response to injury. It’s also called oedema if you want the medical jargon but hey aren’t I edumacating you enough already? You’re welcome.

Common symptoms include pain/tenderness/numbness, skin discoloration and visible bloatedness accompanied by general discomfort while walking/standing/sitting .

Reasons Why Leg Edema Happens

While temporary swelling could happen anytime without much cause (like stepping outside during hot scorching summer) , there’re several factors that contribute towards getting Chronic Leg Edema. Here they go:

  • Age Factor
  • Excessive salt/sodium intake
  • Inadequate Hydration
  • Mineral Deficiency
  • Long Flights OR Standing Sessions (precious work hours)
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity etc.

Thankfully, there’re MANY ways one can de-puff those ponderous pins and make them feel more comfortable again. Time to find out which ones could work best for you!

Home Treatments for Swollen Legs

While some people may require prescription medication or surgery, most cases of swollen legs can be treated with a combination of self-care techniques.

1. Elevate Those Feels

Start by ‘kickin’ back on the couch’ — literally! One simple way to begin quelling swelling is through elevating the affected area above heart level:

  • Lie down & prop up legs/chunks firmly against pillows/blankets.
  • Keep Your knees higher for maximum benefits.
  • Give yourself at least a half-hour’s worth of “elevation time” per day

It’s that easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! As gravity pulls blood downwards towards veins throughout your body sometimes not allowing it to travel BACK UP – this without realizing causes pooled liquids & resultant inflammation around ankles as well
(so elevate during office hours too!)

Another tip? You shouldn’t cross your legs while sitting, as that can restrict circulation throughout lower limbs leading to even further puffiness . Remember if feet gets enough love, so will they payback in generous kind!

Elevated Pillow System

2. Go Bananas

Did you know bananas have much more potassium than usual supplements? They’re MAJOR players in maintaining good Blood Pressure levels–which helps limit overall fluid build-up throughout the body including womb (in pregnant women) . The root cause behind swollen ankles being high sodium within our diets urging tissue cells absorb water like sponge.

Make adding bananas into snack routine another priority as your leg home cure! Simple tricks like banana Kebabs are yummy & portable so A+ for workplace health standards!

3. Chill out with the Ice

Using cold compresses can help decrease swelling , numb quite a bit of pain AND even speed up recovery time! You could:

  • take a simple ice-pack and apply around the affected area multiple times throughout day (around every two hours)
  • wrap a bag filled with frozen peas or corn to your ankles (these frozen foodstuffs mould better than an actual ice pack, and will save your ‘Real’ one from any fruit or veggie juices seeping through it).

The same process can be used in conjuncture as first aid if someone gets injured doing sports/work/home related accident/pains.

Ice Pack on Ankle

4. Magnesium Massage

Magnesium is brilliant when looking at muscle relaxation & tension reduction overall but did you know that applying topical oils works wonders too?

Massage these essential oils onto elevated legs often after shower/bath routines by mixing them up into coconut/virgin almond oil mixture. Here are some magical ingredients that’ll make those pins feel sparkly again:

  • Frankincense
  • Marjoram
  • Lavender
  • Wintergreen / Peppermint

P.S: If you’re feeling extremely “leg-lagged” feel free to use aromatherapy diffusers as well.

Medical Treatments for Swollen Legs

In case swelling doesn’t subside over long periods OR seems more poisonous/precarious; checking in with doctor RIGHT AWAY should become immediate protocol. Here are some traditional medical treatments mentioned below.

Diuretic Procedures

Fluid reducing tablets like Lasix etc prescribed by M.D works efficiently in draining off all excessive water held in leg tissues, thus curing the leg oedema constructively. In severe cases, in-hospital admission & I.V injections might be required but one must follow up with their doctor for perfect treatment regime

Physical Therapies

Physiotherapy exercise routines to complement diuretics work their oils hand in hand as it majorly affects entire circulatory system. Regular exercises punctuated with massages may help stimulate blood flow — which helps reduce inflammation.

Last thoughts: Please remember that every person’s body is different and so are its responses towards individual remedies (some completely weird!) /treatments .

Being consistent is key when it comes to swelling reduction and overall health maintenance habits too! Also you can still dress fashionably; just focus on finding wider yet comfortable styles of shoes/boots as compressional hosiery paired with longer dresses too.

Your unique personality will shine through better than your cute pair of heels ever did anyways 😉

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