How to treat severe heartburn and acid reflux?

Heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion – call it whatever you want. It all boils down to one thing: the excruciating pain in your chest that makes you feel like fire is about to burst out of your esophagus. Who needs a torch when you have heartburn? But fear not! There are ways to quell the flames and put an end to this burning sensation before it takes over your life.

Put Your Diet on a Leash

Do you know what’s worse than heartburn? Being called out for eating too much spicy food in public – trust me; I’ve been there. So if spice is ruling your diet, take control! Spicy foods are considered triggers for heartburn because they contain capsaicin which irritates the stomach lining.

Instead, opt for low-acidic vegetables like broccoli or asparagus; they taste bland but make great companionship with any dish. If plain veggies aren’t enough for you, try ginger root tea or sprinkle some fennel seeds on top of salad dressing for an extra kick.

But let’s be real; sometimes we just can’t resist pizza night or a plate full of buffalo wings – indulgence is pretty human-like after all! Here’s how not turn down those carbs:

  • Cut back portion sizes and eat slowly
  • Avoid lying immediately after eating
  • Try using antacids 30 minutes before mealtime

These tips will help protect against post-meal acidity levels so that cheesy goodness won’t come back up later!

Quit Smoking (If You Can)

Smoking may seem cool at first until it starts getting between you and stellar health. Nicotine relaxes muscles in the esophagus allowing excess stomach acid into the upper part leading to more frequent cases of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and the inability to manage heartburn symptoms.

Quitting smoking is no easy task, but it’s worth it. In addition to working on your overall health, abandoning nicotine can rid you of heartburn too! Not only will your body feel much better in traffic when life gives you lemons and giving up smoke, also give up heartburns that come with them.

Move It or Lose It!

Exercise has many benefits for the human body – improved blood pressure, energy level boost and even alleviating stress; but did you know that physical fitness can also reduce acid reflux?

Not only does a healthy weight combat against obesity-related complications like type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure but excess fat tissue around internal organs puts more pressure on stomach leading gastronomically-challenged individuals right back where they started – downing antacids every few hours feeling bloated all day long.

The goal here isn’t becoming an Olympic athlete overnight. Any form of exercise that helps get the blood flowing counts: walking the doggo after dinner (?), running around with kids (niece/nephew/your own ones if any) at their backyard bash; just make sure nothing gets in between pumping those endorphins!

Alternative Exercise Recommended

If finding ample time for exercises is challenging or prefer something less intense than yoga might be what people prescribed by doctors now-a-days are calling ‘chill pill’ for muscles because of its ability to tone abdominal muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system relating gastrointestinal purposes.

Additionally, good ol’ stretching before bedtime may alleviate not just sore neck/back muscles from bad posture during work-data-entry days but also promote faster digestion/absorption while asleep making Mondays so much easier!

Say Yes to Probiotics

Probiotic capsules/included drinks – labelled as “good bacteria” – contribute massively towards balancing out digestive issues one suffers due to overgrowth of hostile bacteria lining the gut. Hell of course, there could be many other root causes behind heartburn and GERD as well but taking probiotics doesn’t hurt (or burn for that matter!).

The best part- it can taste amazing! Try substituting garlic or onion powders while cooking with lacto-fermented spice blends made from ginger/chili powder naturally rich in probiotics.

Medication is On Your Side

If none of these homeopathic remedies seem to work, medication prescribed by doctors works wonders too!

Ranitidine/H2 blockers go against acid secretion helping calm overnight discomforts like esophageal erosion/acid-larynx felt at bedtimes. Oh and if chewing on Tums according dietary needs is your thing – definitely carry some 150mg doses around because it decreases pH levels near the valve leading to jaunty breathers that won’t need an excessive cough after dinner dates.

All in all, treating severe heartburn requires a little bit extra care because! We deserve it- lesser sufferings equal sharper mornings right? So start with evaluating one’s lifestyle/diet choices first alongside developing awareness about overall health; pick low-acidity patterns over high-spiced ones every now-and-them days; remain consistent with exercise routine set up by fitness experts requiring minimal effort offering maximum impact towards vitality goals; adopt ‘chill pill’ yoga stretching before bedtime enables faster digestion without causing more acidic events. Believe me when I say this: burning desire shouldn’t either mean passion or what’s happening down the throat-esophagus-valve axis of human body-causing inconvenience everyday anymore so identify triggers-one meal/puff/day-at-a-time catchphrase should do-winner’s bloat sounds gold though 😉

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