How to treat severe acne?

Oh, the joys of having acne – said no one ever! Pimples popping up on our faces like buoyant bubbles is everyone’s pet peeve. Not only do these red monsters cause pain, but also become an eyesore over time even after treatment.

But don’t you worry folks! If you’re reading this and struggling with severe acne outbursts, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to bid adieu to those pesky blemishes forever. Let’s delve into some useful methods that’ll help you get rid of them in no time.

Understanding Acne and its Types

Before we dive any deeper, it makes sense to get acquainted with the basics first. Now, I’m not going all technical on you so let me break it down for ya.

Acne is typically caused when dead skin cells mix with sebum (an oil that your glands secrete). If these pores are blocked by either dirt or bacteria, they lead to inflamed bumps called pimples – sounds pretty gross huh?

Not all acne is created equal though; there are different types of it out there:


These appear as small flesh-colored or whitish bumps on the surface of your skin which occur when follicles become clogged from within.


Blackheads form similarly as whiteheads except for one crucial difference: as they are exposed directly through hair follicles’ openings onto the epidermis instead inside hair ducts beneath closed pores


Are pinkish in color characterized by tender spots plenty found Underneath The Skin Surface most medicallyspeakly pimple-like entities forming tender firm protrusions


Represents a large deep round lesion often mistakenfor nodes primarily arising When inflammation proceeds Pre-nodule phase s located Deep below epidermal layer

Common #Comedones such as blackheads and whiteheads are called noninflammatory lesions, while papules and nodules fall under inflammatory type. Now that we have a grasp on the types let’s move forward.

How to Fight Severe Acne?

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Aided by this potent ingredient in cream form can serve to unclog pores frees acne-inducing bacteria helps reduce inflammation-regular application of benzoyl peroxide remedies aggravated acne regions on face neck chest

2. Salicylic Acid

Another popular way for treating severe acne is using products containing salicylic acid which penetrates oil-filled pores of skin exfoliating dead cells from their walls causing blemishes inclusive off painful cysts – watch out because salicylic acid could lead to dryness if overused so monitor its usage carefully.

3. Natural Remedies

Sometimes more natural remedies work wonders than chemicals in treating an outbreak! Here are some common ingredients:

  • Honey: Acts as an antibacterial.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial properties that clear flesh colored bumps all whilst healing damaged skin areas faster .


You read it right, I’m not talking about sleeping off anxiety or taking mental health days (although those may help). It turns out stress levels significantly impact one’s skin health too! It makes sense since cortisol, aka ‘the stress hormone,’ causes inflammation within your body leading to further breakout exacerbation.

That being said – take time out for things you enjoy doing offer mindfulness activities like yoga exercise getting lost in book etcetera with Socialization every now and then can do wonders!

Think about what excites you – it might be trying new recipes perfecting makeup skills Join fitness group Whatever calms mind !!

More so make sure sleep gets prioritized aim at having seven hour nap periods consistently keeps breakouts under control!

Dietary Adjustments

You know you are what eat – and when it is related to acne, the cliché statement holds true! But don’t worry folks; we aren’t suggesting ditching your favorite food items.

So, maybe cut back on junk/processed foods for a while that’s loaded with added preservatives saturated fats limit sugar intake consuming less sugary beverages crisps or cakes could result miraculously!

A few dietary recommendations include:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Increasing water intake
  • Consuming vitamin D and multivitamins positively impacts skin health Fish oil Supplement aids in inflammation reduction


Routine proper will give clear skin resultsyou’ve been after

Below mentioned tips would enable keeping pimples away indefinitely:

  1. Use lukewarm water instead of hot temperature during cleansing.
  2. Don’t scrub excessively while exfoliating .
  3. Moisturize thoroughly-looking for an oil-free formula rich in Hyaluronic Acid-best bet promotes cell regeneration adding hydration without clogging pores can make or break regimen efficiency .

Additionally remember Avoid touching face pressing oily phone against ensuring towel/pillow washed keeps bacteria infestation/breakout at bay

The Bottom Line

In conclusion let us reiterate making tweaks adjusting lifestyle habits diligently carrying out products as recommended by dermatologists spending a good amount of time outdoors enjoying hikes fresh air engaging healthy relationships Significant impact preventing severe acne urgency needs taking three steps outlined developing routine behavioral improvements treating damage done through previous outbreaks prevent future ones too!!