How to treat paranoia naturally?

Hello there, fellow humans! Are you feeling like the world is out to get you? Do you think that your neighbor is a government spy or that your family members are trying to poison you? Well, have no fear because today we’re going to discuss how to treat paranoia naturally. We’ll cover everything from diet changes to herbal remedies so strap in and let’s get started.

What Is Paranoia?

Before we dive into the remedies for paranoia let’s first define what it means. According to good old Merriam-Webster dictionary (yes, I still use this…sometimes), paranoia is “an irrational suspiciousness or distrust of others.” Basically, if you think everyone and their mother is plotting against you without any real evidence then chances are that you’re probably a little paranoid. But not to worry – we gotchu.

Diet Changes

Now I know what some of y’all might be thinking – “what does my diet have anything do with my paranoia?” Well folks, turns out that what we put inside our bodies can actually affect our mood and thoughts. Crazy stuff huh? Here are some changes on diets that could help ease the symptoms of paranoia:
Reduce caffeine intake: So maybe now isn’t the best time indulge in 5 cups of coffee before breakfast.
Increase magnesium: Foods such as avocados,milk,nuts contains Mg which helps lower anxiety & act as an effective natural cure for paranoia by reducing oxidative stress levels.
Limit processed foods: These types of food contain chemicals that affect brain function.And when these products contain mold toxins called ‘mycotoxins’ could also cause next-level hallucinations better than any TV show!

You won’t regret making these small tweaks!

Herbal Remedies

For those who look towards alternative medicines instead (I see u) here some unconventional remedies to consider:
Kava:This plant has been used in the South Pacific for centuries as a natural sedative. It is known to have similar effects like that of valium or xanax..It can induce liver damage in rare cases.
Cannabis:MJ’s balance of THC and CBD causes different feelings which might alleviate the symptoms, just don’t go above moderation,wink.

PLEASE NOTE: These remedies should never be taken without discussing it with your doctor first – ESPECIALLY if you are already on medication.


That’s right folks! Time for some physical activity. Engaging your body will release endorphins i.e happy hormones which could potentially reduce paranoia episodes.This is what you need
1)Swimming: For best results, get into cold water.
2) Yoga: Practice breathing exercises and focus on relaxation while relieving anxiety levels.(not recommended if anyone convinced themselves they’re becoming a human pretzel)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT therapy develops coping mechanisms as well as better understanding of how one behaves.Having a professional therapist help you navigate things professionally may prove useful.But only seek proper medical aid lest someone convinces u there’s no such thing….

Here were 4 treatments (!!) that can serve a huge payoff towards treating paranoia naturally.So be kind to yourself & give ways suggested here an honest try.Because at times we all could do with less stress filled Saturday nights.

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