How to treat moderate dehydration?

Have you recently started sweating like a sinner in church, or been unable to quench your thirst? Well folks, you’re probably dehydrated! Nah, we’re kidding; that could be any number of things. But if dehydration has got hold of you by the neck, then this is the article for you! We’ll tell you everything about treating moderate dehydration- from identifying signs and symptoms to delicious ways of staying hydrated.

Spotting the Early Signs

Dehydration affects people differently. Some might start feeling thirsty even after drinking enough water while others could have reduced sweat production (oh boy!). Here are some common signs to watch out for:


If your mouth feels dry as hell (and not in the good Sean Connery way), it’s time to chug up!

Dark urine

When was the last time you checked yourself before using that Public restroom close by? Observing dark yellow pee color is an indication of being dehydrated.


Working on tight deadlines with limited hours of sleep (story-of-my-life) coupled with dehydration can make one feel drained faster than Usain Bolt running 100m.

It’s Not Just Water Anymore: Alternate Sources To Hydrate Your Body 🙂

Let’s face it; guzzling gallons of plain water every day can get a bit boring– especially when there are other delicious varieties available. Here are some unique sources which will hydrate just as effectively:

Cucumber & Watery Fruits/Veggies – Slice ‘n’ dice!

Boasting over 90% water content divided between three major nutrient-heavy components-water, soluble fibre & vitamin C makes cucumber #1 ranker overall for hydration needs. Alternatively munch on celery sticks or carrot chips anytime anywhere without raising calorie concerns thus ensuring adequate level(s) hydration throughout your day work schedule.

Item Hydration Content (% by weight)
Cucumber 96%
Watermelon 92%
Strawberry 91%

Don’t forget dairy!

Anything Liquid-like, containing lactose and/or whey can aid in rehydration (yay to Chocolate Milk!). As milk is an excellent source of electrolytes (calcium & potassium); it will be super effective for more robust dehydration.

The unsung hero- Broth/Soup

Do we just love the warm feelings between our toes when taking a sip from broth or chicken soup on cold evenings? Plus, these savouries pack lots’o nutrition while being low calorie. Getting enough sodium & potassium guarantees fluids absorption of bodily cells through targeted osmotic pressure.

It’s not rocket science; Just take small sips many times a day!!!

There is no point consuming water all at once only to find yourself running unusually towards your porcelain throne shortly. This technique ensures maximum hydration by making sure there’s water continuously present in the bloodstream without overloading body organs:

  1. Instead of drinking intermittently oodles gallons of liquid during the day aim to drink frequently/take smaller sips throughout.
  2. At events with alcohol available opt choosing beverages served straight up/ having less sugar content. These substances act as diuretics resulting in increased urine output causing higher levels dehydration.
  3. Keep a reusable water bottle handy (get those customized ones peeps) so that frequent refills aren’t needed saving time and money
    4.. Drink Fruit-infused Water instead!(Mingleinfuses makes great options)- yum

What Not To Do: Your Body Is Screaming For Help And Here Are Some Actions You Definitely Should Avoid

Here are some things you shouldn’t do if you’re dehydrated:

Ditching Electrolytes?

The most critical mistake you could make is replacing water with sports drinks. Sports drinks have higher sugar contents, which contributes to dehydration and can cause stomach cramps.

Not All Beverages Are Equals

Steer away from caffeine & alcohol; these substances lead your body towards losing fluids by producing urine (oh dear!). If consumption of both beverages does happen, drink extra ounces of regular water per hour consumed in combating this problem effectively.

Moderate Dehydration-Do’s & Don’ts Before Seeking Medical Attention

If someone suffers moderate dehydration—right before the onset of severe/seemingly irreversible stages—the following precautions will help ease their symptoms (hey first aiders watch out !)


  • Sip on cold or luke-warm water frequently
  • Gradual development regarding other liquid sources as previously discussed instead of chugging up all at once
  • Use a cloth dipped in cold (clean)water wrapped around neck/head area for heat loss reduction without causing shock.

    Remember heat stroke isn’t always a result just playing under the sun for too long it often results from high fever/stressful circumstances overactivating sweat glands leading to depletion landsets decreased perspiration.


Don’t jump directly into strenuous activities after dehydration has kicked-in potential damage causation including malfunctions in cognitive/physical faculties occurs when someone plays frisbee right away!

In conclusion…

Dehydration shouldn’t be taken lightly since early intervention prevents severe complications accurately (.eg., overheated organs due prolonged worsening). Drink plenty regularly before thirst becomes apparent if one partakes actively doing physical activity while temperatures soar outside!
Stay hydrated everyone!