How to treat gonorrhea with amoxicillin?

Are you one of the unlucky ones who got hit by a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? Sigh It happens. But don’t worry, gonorrhea is treatable, and it can be done in various ways like using antibiotics such as ceftriaxone or amoxicillin. In this article, we’ll focus on amoxicillin since it’s readily available worldwide and also because our funny bone loves saying “moxy” instead of “‘moxi.” So sit tight while I take you through how to use Amoxicillin for your gonorrhea.

What is Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea, popularly known as “the drip” amongst other names, infects both men and women’s reproductive organs through sexual intercourse. The disease agent behind the infection is Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria which has mutated over time making treatment relatively difficult in some cases – hence why we’re here today.

Some symptoms that may show someone has contracted this pesky little bugger are:

  • Thick yellow/green discharge from genitals
  • Pain during urination
  • Painful or tender testicles
  • Sore throat if infected via oral sex

Keep note that sometimes there could be no visible symptoms at all but still have an active infection going on under the surface –creepy.


Before one embarks on any treatment journey for their bacterial whipping boy named ‘gonorrhea’, they first need to ascertain whether they indeed have contracted N.gonorrhoeae through taking STI related tests. Some options include:

1) Urine sample testing – where urine is collected from the patient then analysed therein.
2) Swab Samples– where fluid samples are taken from affected regions such as urethra (for penis owners)/vaginas/oral cavities(recently affected region).
3) Blood Test- rarely done for N.gonorrhoeae but can spot current/past bacterial infections.

Testing positive means you contract gonorrhea, congratulations (Joking!). Once this is confirmed; the administration of antibiotics begins.

Amoxicillin 101

Amoxicillin belongs to a class of drugs known as penicillins, which have been used since time immemorial in treating bacterial infections such as Gonorrhea. It’s one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics because it’s cheap, easily absorbed by our digestive systems while simultaneously quickly distributed throughout the body – all thanks to that extra hydroxyl group in its molecular structure (It’s science yo!). Amoxicillin inhibits bacteria from building essential cell walls leading to their early demise along with your st ty immune invading goons like Mr.N.gonorrhoeae . So say goodbye to symptoms and say hello to good old ‘feeling great’.

Appropriate Dosage

Before proceeding with taking on this battle against Neisseria gonorrhoeae lead by ‘Commander Moxy’, please visit a medical centre where you’ll be prescribed an appropriate dosage according to your age/body weight/previous allergies or underlying health conditions (Let The Specialists handle YOU!) Nevertheless here are some general amoxicillin doses spread out over different segments :

Oral Treatment :

For Oral dosages usually when administered it comes either as:

1) Pills/Tablets – requiring ingestion through consuming accompanied water.
2) Liquid suspensions – mainly if swallowing pills/tablets isn’t possible.

Below is an overview table displaying standard adult oral dose intake:

Weight Dose Rate Frequency
<30 kg 75mg/kg/day divided into three equal intervals. After every eight hours
>30kg Such that The Total Daily Dose = 1 to 2g. After every eight hours

Intravenous Treatment

Understandably, some people may be unable to take in medications via oral means due to underlying health complications such as those affecting the digestive system. In such scenarios, IV (intravenous) drip administration of amoxicillin is used for gonorrhea infections.

Weight(in kg) Dose Rate
<30kg 50mg/kg/day divided into three intervals
>30kg Such that The total daily dose = 1-2 g( adminstered accordingly)

Side Effects and Precautionary Measures

Now, one of the most essential things when taking any medication is being aware of its side effects beforehand so you could know what you’re signing up for while starting treatment.

Possible side effects:

#### Mild

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rash/skin irritations(allergies)
  • Headaches

Ugh!, good old diarrhea – Always ruining train rides; Don’t worry though these are common symptoms associated with killing off bad bacteria but just in case things get out of hand please seek medical attention immmediately.

#### Severe

In some rare cases, Amoxicillin intake has been observed leading individuals towards negative reactions including:

  • Swelling around lips/face/tongue/throat areas or other parts connected by nerves(ouch)
    • Stop usage immediately once this happens!
    • Call Emergency services A.S.A.P!

Some pre-existing conditions can interact negatively whilst using Amoxilin during STI treatments like Gonorrhoeae, thus patients should advise their attending physicians if they have:


Common penicillin allergies range from mild skin rash to anaphylactic shock (Unresponsive system failure). if the latter is the case, please go for Gentamicin treatments.

Liver/Kidney Diseases

Severe liver diseases that have transited to cirrhosis or pre-existing kidney issues may hinder Amoxicillin’s effectiveness and therefore its use should be advised against by a specialist doctor.

Blood Issues

A blood disorder condition thrombocytopenia could worsen after taking m/amoxicillin thus careful consideration with attending physicians required before settling on treatment options.

Reducing Risk of Infection through Safe Sex Habits

Please, please! Remain safe in all sexual encounters (Save yourself and your loved one(s)). The surest way at combating gonorrhea is avoiding it all together, here are some ways:

Limiting Sexual Partners

More partners mean more exposure points increasing risk factor. Some other actions include:

  • Ensure Monogamy until fully completing STI tests;
  • Have honest discussions around STDs during intimate moments
  • Attend regular checkups with medical practitioners

Use Condoms During Intercourse

The condom integrity barrier significantly helps lower infections likelihood chances via throat/penis/vaginal spaces;

Fun Fact: There was actually no rise in STIs transmission rate when people started masking up due Covid -19 Mask Up! Yes even this little act can save you from Gonorrhea!

PrEP Medication

Pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP) which involves CMV(truvada) medication for HIV negative individuals but who frequently engage in unprotected sex may reduce infectiousness rates of initial infections such as ‘the clap’.


In conclusion, we’ve covered much ground so far from what Gonorrhoea is up until our victorious fight against it by administering trusty old amoxicillin. Remember proper diagnosis precedes amoxicillin administration; appropriateness of dosage intake observed; alongside side effect complications and precautionary measures exhibited during the treatment period. Finally, be a conscientious safe sex practitioner by limiting partners, using condoms in intimate moments or taking up PrEP medication. Stay sexy friends!!!

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