How to treat gingivitis in adults?

Are you facing discomfort while chewing your favorite food? Is your toothbrush bristle turning pink after each use? If yes, Congratulations! You may have been hit by the gingivitis bug. Don’t worry; it’s not a disease that could only be cured by some unicorn tears or fairy dust. It can quickly be resolved with some smart choices and good oral hygiene habits.

In this article, we will guide you on how to treat gingivitis in adults. So let’s dive into our hilarious guide where you’ll laugh out loud as well as learn to take better care of those precious teeth!

First things first: What is Gingivitis?

Before moving towards treatment options, we need to know what exactly gingivitis is so that we can battle it appropriately like a warrior rather than fearing it like a house cat.

Gingivitis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene habits but also could result from smoking (Sorry smokers!) or hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy (Yeahhh hormones!). It occurs when bacteria accumulate around the gum line and cause inflammation thereof causing redness, swelling, and bleeding of gums (yeahh bloodbath).

Symptoms of Gingivitis- Wait… Did I see blood?

Defining symptoms are one thing, but discovering them personally could make anyone panic! Let’s not freak ourselves out about life-long treatment options; instead, let’s identify the symptoms.

  1. Bleeding gums.
  2. Swollen/ Reddish/ Inflamed gums.
  3. Tender Gums
  4. Bad breath
    5.Mouth ulcers
    6.Gum pockets

If someone has two or more symptoms mentioned above they probably fall among unlucky ones who caught this bug!

Prevention is Better Than Cure- Or Is There No Escaping This?

Who said prevention was better than cure! Oh yeah, it was Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanack. But did he have gingivitis? Instead of pondering on this question, let’s move forward for a bit and see what we can do to stop the gingivitis attack.

  1. Brush twice daily (Yes! Twice is not thrice)
  2. Floss once a day Nope, that popcorn kernel is not going anywhere else except between your teeth.
  3. Get regular dental check-ups and cleanings Yet one more reason to try scheduling an appointment with the dentist without any further delayteeth

Oops Too Late – I’m Already A Gingivitis Victim!

No worries; even superheroes fall down sometimes but get up stronger!! We got your back munchkin, follow our guideline below like this ‘How-to’ guide was written specifically for you!

Step One: Brush That Gingivitis Off

Stop frowning; brushing can be fun too… just think of all the cool things you’ll find during those two minutes!!

Choose The Right Toothbrush And Paste

Selecting sensible products could make a significant difference in taking care of your smiley buddies against bacterial attacks.

  • Soft-bristled brush Please give some love to gums because they also need kindness occasionally.
  • Fluoride toothpaste makes teeth healthier and stronger against bacterial predators

Biofilm vs Plaque

Biofilm sounds fancy AF but as sticky as honey honey 😉 on teeth surface hence becoming home sweet home for harmful bacteria responsible for attacking gums causing hell lot many problems specially gingivitis which being ignored becomes root cause of periodontal diseases slowing making oral health go downhill therefore As you are standing at the crossroad now, choose wisely.

  • Biofilm- Soft film coating which could easily be removed by brushing and flossing.
  • Plaque- Hard-built-up sticky substance that requires special treatment to get rid of it.

Brushing Techniques

Are you brushing like Fast n Furious, Sonic the Hedgehog, or some ninja warrior? Oops! That might not be the best technique when dealing with gingivitis.

  • Use gentle circular motions instead of rapid back-and-forth swiping we don’t want bloodbath everytime you try cleaning gums
  • Start from outer gum line towards inner areas do not skip those inside teeths as they can also catch plaque quickly

Step Two: Floss, Floss Baby!

Brushing is important but what about your inter-teeth spaces?! Don’t worry; we have an option for this too….And that’s what our next step involves.

The Art of Interdental Cleaning:

Don’t just twiddle in between teeth like google chrome dino but do it strategically!!

  1. Gently insert floss tape between tooth gaps
  2. Move up and down gently
  3. Make sure you cover all sides/angles (Yes please!!!)

Step Three: What Extras Could Help Me Get Rid Of It Completely?

We had a long discussion over brushing & floss frills… But if gingivitis has already moved in without giving any heads up then few extras will help us In getting rid-off completely:

Saltwater Rinses ( Duhh As salty As An Ex’s Attitude )

Simple home remedies could work wonders only if practiced regularly-

  1. Add half tablespoon salt into warm water
    2.Rinse mouth & spit out Avoid drinking holy salty water!!

Saltwater rinse helps reduce inflammation caused due to infection thus making tooth-brushing more manageable.

N.B- kindly do not add 2-3 table spoons of salt – we aren’t making pickles right now!

The Miracle In Mouthwash

Want a slight cool minty blast in the mouth every morning? This can be possible by our next trick.

Mouthwash containing antiseptics could help reduce plaque build-up and fungal infection as well.

Bonus Trick: Over-The Counter (OTC) Medicated Mouthwashes

Take it to one level up with using medicated mouth wash for stronger protection against gum diseases accompanied by bad breath. So, Smile like the sun that shines upon your teeth’.

N.B- kindly read instructions before using any rinse or medicated products even if referred by dentist thence avoiding cursed future situation!!

Final Note:

  • Gingivitis does not require eating ginger biscuits but taking care of gums!!
  • Choose brush & paste wisely
  • Do Not RUSH Brushing
  • Extra Care = Complete Protection!
  • Say Bye bye Gum problems! Hello Confident Smiles!

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