How to treat elephantiasis?

Treatment for elephantiasis includes:

  • antiparasitic drugs, such as diethylcarbamazine (DEC), mectizan, and albendazole (Albenza)
  • using good hygiene to clean the affected areas
  • elevating the affected areas
  • caring for wounds in the affected areas
  • exercising based on a doctor’s directions
  • surgery in extreme cases, which may include reconstructive surgery for the affected areas…

What does elephantiasis usually do to a person? People with elephantiasis will have impaired immune function because of damage to their lymph system. They tend to get more bacterial infections of the skin, causing it to become dry, thick, and ulcerated with repeated infections. Other symptoms during these repeated bacterial infections include a fever and chills.

Is there any cure of elephantiasis? Elephantiasis Home Remedies or Home Treatment Carefully wash the puffy part with soap and clean water regularly Maintain yourself germ-free problems Use Body lotion and Creams that are specially made to protect from mosquito bites. Elevate and working out the puffy hand or leg to enhance the lymph movement.

Can you die from elephantiasis? Elephantiasis is usually not lethal, however because ofmassive swelling, skin thickens and can get infected by variousBacterias. Sometimes skin can even turn gangrenous and cause highlyfatal problems. Elephantiasis itself however, will not kill you.

What are facts about elephantiasis?


  • General Discussion. Elephantiasis is a condition characterized by gross enlargement of an area of the body, especially the limbs.
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  • Causes.
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How does elephantiasis spread from person to person?

How does elephantiasis spread from person to person? Overview. It’s caused by parasitic worms, and can spread from person to person through mosquitoes. Elephantiasis causes swelling of the scrotum, legs, or breasts. Elephantiasis is considered a neglected tropical disease (NTD). It’s more common in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, including Africa and Southeast Asia.

Why does my body swell when I have elephantiasis? Living With Elephantiasis Elephantiasis, also known as lymphatic filariasis, is a very rare condition that’s spread by mosquitoes. The common name is often used because if you have it, your arms and legs can swell and become much bigger than they should be. Your sex organs and breasts may also swell up.

How does elephantiasis affect the male and female genitals? Fever, chills, and a general feeling of ill health (malaise) may also be present. Elephantiasis may also affect the male and female external genital organs. In a male, there may be enlargement of the scrotum, and the penis may be retracted under skin which has become thickened, nonelastic, hot and painful.

What kind of condition is elephantiasis on Animal Planet? A Brazilian man with elephantiasis, a rare condition in which people’s limbs become discolored and swell to enormous sizes, was recently featured on the popular Animal Planet show “River Monsters,” which often films in tropical, heavily forested locales.