How to treat cystitis?

Cystitis, also known as a bladder infection, is an annoying and painful condition that can affect both men and women. It’s caused by bacteria in the urinary tract, which irritate the bladder lining and cause discomfort. If you’re suffering from cystitis or know someone who is (or just love reading about urinary tract infections), then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to treat cystitis with a sense of humor.

What Is Cystitis?

Before we dive into treatment options, let’s make sure we understand what cystitis actually is. Like we said earlier, it’s caused by bacteria in the urinary tract that infects the bladder lining. Symptoms include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Lower back pain

Symptoms are more common in women because their urethra (the tube connecting your bladder to the outside world) is shorter than men’s; making germs easier find its way up.

Rule #1: Don’t Panic!

First thing’s first – don’t panic! While cystitis can be uncomfortable, it is not serious unless left untreated or ignored for too long . Many people self-diagnose problems down there without ever checking it out with a medical professional which could potentially lead to superinfection/variations of UTIs like pyelonephritis.

That being said , if symptoms persist for longer than two days after starting at-home treatments (which we will discuss later on), please call your doctor ASAP before things spiral out of control.

Alrighty then… Let’s get started!

1) Stay away from “urinary alkalizers”

Oftentimes people believe drinking cranberry juice or taking supplements that make your pee less acidic (like calcium citrate and sodium bicarbonate) will help but it goes the other way! It’s better to have acidic environment so that microorganisms won’t multiply in there as they really can’t stand the tang of low pH urine.

2) Hydration is key

Drink plenty of water but also flavouring up with soda aka caffeine / alcohol not only aggravate symptoms but can cause more dehydration. Avoid for a short while until you feel much better.

3) Food do’s and don’t’s

A nutrient rich diet centered around cranberries (in whole berry consumed form, not sugar filled fun drink type), blueberries, spinach etc. could potentially helpful says some research. Also avoiding any spicy foods/acidic fruits which Could irritate the bladder lining would be prudent too. Dairy products aren’t advised too!

4) Antibiotics are sometimes necessary

Vaginitis/bacteriuria needs no antibiotic treatment whilst acute cystitis on it’s own requires antibiotics . (take this overexaggerated statement from your humble AI friend lightly by using plain ol’ common sense) Only after analyzing sample cultures from an individual with signs & symptoms should a doctor suggest what kind works best for them.

As intriguing as searching “cystitis remedies” online may sound – they could end up being dangerous witchery thought up by Calefrio from down under.

1) Applying heat/cold at home

One potent option shown through limited studies [Note: Don’t actually take my advice] suggests using hot pad or heating blanket on lower abdomen/lower back area to soothe pain-like period cramps BUT conversely plonking ice-cubes onto corresponding areas has helped decrease inflammation once upon a time too during UTIs.

2). Herbal teas

Again , many herbal teas such as parsley/sage tea haven’t been verified with significant evidence although they have been a go-to for some in the past.

Let’s face it, dealing with cystitis sucks but laughing is a great way to keep your spirits up! Here are our top three jokes/puns about cystitis:

1) Why did the UTI cross the road? To get to the other urethra!

2) Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? She worked it out using number two pencil… OKAY FINE, THAT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE BUT WE NEEDED TO THROW IN A JOKE ABOUT EXCRETORY FUNCTION.

3) How does an IT guy tell their partner that he/she has a urinary tract infection? “It seems as if there’s something wrong with my hardware.”

Hope this helps and remember – don’t let cystitis get you down! 🤣