How To Treat Chapped Lips On A Newborn?

The chapped lips can be uncomfortable and irritating for your newborn baby. If you see cracked and dry lips on your baby, you might not require being worried, hence this is a common concern. But, you must treat your baby’s lips as fast as possible, because the chapped lips might affect sleeping and feeding negatively. Sometimes, they can also lead to severe infections or even be a mark of the life-threatening situation. In many cases, you can heal the lips of your newborn with the natural remedies at home in only few days.

Why your baby’s lips are chapped?

When the lips of your newborn are sore and splitting, a diversity of problems may be the reason. It may happen because of lip licking habit or your baby might be sucking on their lips. The dry weather and dehydration are also common reasons and sometimes, the chapped lips might end to essential the health conditions. Moreover, the hot summer months, dry winter or too much wind coverage can cause lips to mislay wetness.

What to do if your newborn has unremitting chapped lips?

The chapped lips will not improve or last for few weeks or longer and may be a sign of another health concern in rare cases. The particular vitamin deficiencies can also cause peeling and dry lips as well as consuming too much amount of specific vitamins such as Vitamin A. another severe health issue to watch out for is Kawasaki disease that can also be a rare condition, which often happens in the children and also entails inflammation of the blood vessels. However, the chapped lips are only mark of this illness. Even the affected children always have a fever and quite sick too. The following are signs of this disorder that not well-understood:

  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • Fever that lasts for five or more days
  • Swollen, cracked lips, bright red
  • Rash often worsen in a groin area
  • Bloodshot and red eyes without crusting or drainage
  • Swollen feet and hands, redness of soles and palms of the feet
  • Strawberry tongue that seems with glossy bright red spots after the top coating sloughs off

Best ways to treat the chapped lips on a newborn

One of the most natural and best ways that you can perform to treat the dry lips of newborn is to just apply some breast milk with your fingers. You do not rub the milk the entire way in, but you must leave that area a small wet. Definitely, the breast milk would heal the skin as well as safeguard your newborn against the bacteria. In few cases, you may not be breastfeed your small one sufficient. As per the clinical detail, many of the newborns are required eight to twelve feedings per day that is on one feeding for every two to three hours.

Moreover, you can utilize the organic, pure and natural nipple cream or lip balm on the lip of your newborn in order to preserve them hydrated. Else, you can make use of the pure coconut oil that consists of lauric acid, which is a substance also found in the breast milk. Even most of the pediatrics suggests that the lanolin cream to the parents of infant with chapped lips. The Lanolin is a waxy essence discovered naturally on the wool of sheep. Before utilizing this new substance on your infant, you might need to consult your doctor to make sure that it is completely safe for your child.

How to stop chapped lips on an infant?

The prevention is one of the excellent treatment strategies for any health concerns. You can make sure that the temperature within your home is not causing the lips of your newborn to dry out. You can even use humidifier in the winter season in order to keep your home air moist. To stop chapping because of outside weather, you just attempt to cover the lips of your newborn while going outside, particularly when it is more windy or sunny. You might revolve your infant around, while moving to keep the wind from hitting their face or you just cover their face by using a scarf, light or a breathable material.