How to treat bruises on the leg?

Bruises on the leg, also known as contusions, can occur from a variety of causes. Sometimes they come after an accidental bump into furniture or tripping over your own feet. Other times, bruises may be a result of some serious injury – like skiing daredevil falls and wild accidents!

Whatever caused them though one thing’s for certain – when it comes to treating annoying violets that just won’t leave- You’re simply in luck! Some natural remedies and medical treatments exist for alleviating pain and swelling associated with leg bruises.

Identify the Problem Area

The first step in giving treatment is identifying what areas need care. To locate where you are experiencing bruising you may want to consider strip tease mirror dance by exposing your scratched up leg under bright lights ♪(┌・。・)┌ ♪

Once you’ve located them (the injuries, not inspectors) it is necessary to look out for signs such as redness or warmth around that area which might indicate inflammation.

Treat with Ice

Ice can reduce inflammation and ease sore areas but only if done right (-−⁂⁂⁂⁂We mean DO NOT rub ice on your skin directly- fingers crossed no insult taken ⁀⊙﹏☉). Wrap ice cubes in cloth before applying them gently onto affected spots; This reduces tissue damage thereby speeding up healing time.

Alternatively using whole bags of frozen peas draped lovingly across injured zones could work too 😎 Remembered keep cold therapy running approximately every two hours (20 minutes session each)

Happy hour companion? Yes…Only let it stay there till numbness fades away.

Elevate It High

Elevation helps alleviate swelling by reducing blood flow towards specific regions particularly one requiring urgent attention – keeping that part above approximate level heart ensures optimum support relieving ugly bluish green mistakes.


If you’ve hurt yourself while skiing, ignore that cute instructor and take a break!; give muscles ample time to regenerate through rest. Avoid any strenuous activities such as trampoline dodging or pull-ups till deep purple faces have healed.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medication

Common medications like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, reduce pain and inflammation thereby speeding up healing particularly when moving around feels intolerable like playing darts with fine-point needles stuck in helpless thighs. However please stick to recommended dose..

## Essential Oils Benefits

Essential oils are wonderful for natural remedies especially if you fancy sweet pleasant scents (Psst grapefruit oil smells unreal 😉). You can try using lavender oil to calm your anxiety levels before tucking into bed after food coma kicking eggnog night.. 😇Or peppermint oil rubbed lightly over ugly green/ blue imprint for its cooling effects.

Use these steps:

  1. Mix essential oil of choice with carrier [oil], e.g-[coconut] /olive
    2.Massage blended mixture onto colourful regions gently.
    3.And finally…Breathe deeply letting suckers relax for joyous angelic hours of slumber.

## Supplements

Magnesium supplements assists migraines by reducing compounds associated chronic pain caused bruising.(magnesium-rich foods are avocados, bananas etc)

Omega-3 supplements found in fish oils like Cod-liver pills could also help speed up recovery process albeit only after diet monitoring undergoes prior consultation physician first since certain persons react differently… we’re looking at you superhero-hemophiliacs!

### Gentle Physical Therapy

Lightly massage surrounding areas more exclusively where injuries occurred shows positive results too: Blood flows increase which facilitates rapid healing whilst putting on brave face pretending no hope sucking flying off into oblivion because immense leg torture…

However be gentle making sure that you don’t rub too hard since that could be painful or increase swelling abruptly like a party balloon in the making.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), bruises are indicative of congestion and stagnation in the body’s energy channels. Practitioners may use acupuncture, cupping and herbal remedies to stimulate circulation, relieve inflammation and promote tissue regeneration.

TCM all natural formula containing ingredients such as Angelica dahurica root can be used topically on bruised areas for both faster healing times as well exceptional pain relief (but please consult an experienced practitioner first).

Medical Treatment

For some severe situations where injury isn’t superficial at all but disappointingly deep, medical advice from qualified personnel might suffice depending on circumstances (Like someone ran over your leg?… just maybe) -※(O_O;)ヾ(;゚□゚) ノ゙

If indeed it is problematic blood clots forming under skin – Doctor will probably advise anti-clotting medications known collectively simply ‘blood thinners’. Please take heed of directions given if adventure sounds tempting…

In conclusion…Bruises happen but treating them effectively keeps those pesky blues greens away! Using ice packs,cold therapy along with gentle physical therapy seem particularly beneficial when needing immediate action . Herbal formulas give significant results too whilst elevating part kept raised lets swear words stay unspoken increasing relaxation more furthering recovery time.

Give yourself ample rest between rigorous activities while seeking external aid whenever necessary ,Remember our motto — “When it comes to bruises and injuries,, NEVER GIVE UP” :-)]

stay strong,