How to treat bed sores on feet?

If your feet hurt so bad that you can’t stand, then you might have bed sores. You probably got them from lying in bed too long without getting up and moving around. Don’t worry, I’ve got the cure for what ails ya!

What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores are also called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. They form when there is constant pressure on an area of skin for a prolonged period of time. If blood flow to the area is restricted, then the skin tissue dies.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of bed sores include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Warmth at the site
  • Drainage
  • Fever

Stage 1: Prevention Is Key!

The first step in treating bed sores on feet is preventing them from forming in the first place…

  • Change positions frequently; get up every hour!
  • Use pillows or cushions to relieve pressure.
  • Keep feet dry at all times.
  • Keep skin lubricated with lotion/moisturizer

Stage 2: Give Them Some Air!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we end up with blisters and bumps everywhere…but don’t fret,Sergeant Preparation H has got this covered …

  • Keep it clean : Wash blistered areas with warm water only – No bubbles allowed!!
  • Light dressing that will allow air circulation over the area can help soothe minor cases.

It’s not hard guys but sometimes Captain Obvious needs to make a quick reminder about stuff like washing!!

Why Won’t It Heal? Stage Not Over Yet
So despite all previous suggestions if you still see no progress something else may be wrong

Confirm its stage: they say appearance speaks volume (that was before facemasks) but in frank terms measure the depth of the sore.

There are 4 Stages :

  1. Skin discolouration – commonly bright red usually over a bony prominence.

Stage 3: Go Deep!

If healing hasn’t taken effect or you notice the bed sores deepening, seek medical attention…like Dr. McSecretaries here says

  • Specialists may recommend removing damaged tissue and seeking specialized treatment for severe cases
  • Whirlpool therapy might be recommended to help remove dead tissue and promote healing

Tell-Tale sign that this stage has been reached

It will begin with skin breakdown often proceeding to shallow craters where there is damage in some layers; lots of pus-filled blisters!!!

  1. Partial thickness Loss: Involving Epidermis, dermis but not extending into subcutaneous layer

  2. Full Thickness Tissue Loss – Exposes Fascia or Muscle : This can become life-threatening if left untreated

Stage 4: Let’s Take it All Off!!

This is probably game mode “I need help”if it gets to stage four after trying all other stages on how to treat bed sores on feet…Now its round-the-clock-care-situation…

Once again , call your health care professional ASAP: don’t waste precious time!!

  • Clean the wounds once a day with saline solution as directed by their healthcare provider
  • Dead tissue must be surgically removed

Nothing funny about this stage but we had better slap some humor onto something for a quick break!!

Fave funny treatments Doctors advised(they have surely heard worse)

Hopefully It doesn’t get too serious..But just in case, here are some funny remedies doctors have uncovered (Disclaimer- please check with your doctor before using these):

1)Apply honey directly onto pores & nongreasy creams such as Prep H.

2) Turn potatoes into poultice:

   A- Obtain 1 medium—sized potatoes & a cheese cloth

    B- Dice potato without peeling its skin: ( don't worry!! not cooking yet!), blend               until you get to make the mixture as smooth as possible.

     C – Move all delicious mashed potatoes smelling stuff into the cheesecloth wrap and apply directly onto bed sores.

3) Apply Acuzone Anywhere Cream ( it’s always anywhere guys lol).

4) For severe cases, treatment may involve electrical stimulation with a TENS machine for short-term pain relief

If ‘Quirky’ can heal… why not?! Who knows this might be the trick that will do it for you. Remember consult your doctor first!


It is essential to avoid situations where bedsores develop because they can cause long-lasting physical and emotional harm.
Treating bedsores on feet requires taking action early on to prevent them from getting worse.

Remember how we began.. Nurse Sunny stressed it partly relied on frequent re-positioning so move about frequently while being gentle with pressure points;keep areas clean, dry out upraised area anytime dampness surfaces…most importantly, pay attention! Catch any occurrence of future ulceration as soon as possible!!!
Your relief awkward high-five should come calling in no-time!

Helpful Tips(knowledge is power)

If caught early before worsening sets in,simple effective treatments are –

  • Using saline solutions to wash sore

In Stage Two

Use silver dressings.

Truthfully though there isn’t foolproof answer: “I need help” stages require drastic measures…calling on professionals shouldn’t be seen as weakness let alone refusal

Bed sores can happen even under great care but less often when repositioned regularly,reducing excessive pressure over bony spot . Keep dry ,clean ,moisturized constantly. In case, of severe cases call in the professionals or try out a few unusual remedies alongside doctor treatments.The most important thing though – detect as early on as possible!!!

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