How to treat an infected burn naturally?

So, you decided to play with fire and got burnt, huh? Well, don’t worry; we’ve all been there. But what if your burn gets infected? That’s when things get a little more complicated. Don’t panic just yet though! In this guide, we’ll show you how to treat an infected burn naturally using some unconventional methods.

Assess the Severity of Your Burn

Before we dive into treatment methods, it is essential to assess the severity of your burn.

  • First Degree Burns: Redness on topmost
  • Second-Degree Burns: Blistering
  • Third-Degree Burns: A charred appearance

If your burns are serious or cover a large area of your body (more than 3 inches) seek medical attention immediately!

Clean The Wound Using Salt water

The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with infections is antiseptics like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. However, they can be too harsh on burns and might cause further irritations. Instead of harsh chemicals try cleaning it with salt water solution – mix :

1 liter (or quart) warm Water+1 tablespoon Sea Salt.

Put in place where affected then leave for 10 minutes after which rinse off any residue.

It will clean the area while also giving you some pain relief as well.

Apply Hospital Grade Honey

Now we move onto honey – hear us out!

No ordinary honey would suffice here; You need hospital-grade Manuka honey as It contains properties not found in normal varieties.

Moreover This works great because it’s antibacterial so putting it directly onto wound kills off bacteria faster ; So:
Get Some Lenoil , debride all foreign particles from around wound before Applying Manuka Honey generously over the entire thing before covering up

Not only does manuka help kill germs and promote healing but due its hyperosmotic (that’s right!) effect, it also helps to reduce edema or swelling!

Aloe Vera Also Works Wonders!

This prickly plant has amazing healing powers and is perfect for treating burns.
But be warned – don’t peel the entire leaf you might damage its growth. You only need a small fraction of it

  • Cut off tip leaves on side
  • Slide knife along skin
  • Squeeze that gooey stuff out

Apply the fresh gel you’ve extracted onto your burn and soak up the benefits!

A little FYI – Aloe vera contains polysaccharides in abundance which accelerate wound healing! There’s no stopping this magic.

Put Turmeric Powder To Good Use!

Turmeric powder is an exceedingly spicy yellow flour derived from root Of Curcuma plants, works great natural antiseptic .
So here’s what you need:

  • Lavender oil
  • Add three teaspoons turmeric,
  • Mix into paste
  • apply

And Sit back as Turmerics curative properties start doing their job : It will ultimately help decrease inflammation whilst fighting any dirt or bacteria that may have found its way into your burnt skin.

Note: Be careful while applying as turmeric stains a lot so we recommend using old Clothes when applying and being prepared for some laughs later.

Tea Tree Oil Your Infection Away

Tea tree oil , an essential volatile conducted steam-based extraction method

It Packs antimicrobial power, making it ideal natural treatment For infections among other uses:

 Heat Water till Boiling
 Mix tea tree oil With jojoba,baby,Olive/Lavender (1:10 ratio)
 Clean affected surround with water First, let dry afterwards.
The Diluted mixture may sting do not worry.

The above method can be used twice everyday until infection stops itching/feeling pain.

This routine packs many health benefits for tea tree oil contains antifungal,antibacterial & anti-inflammatory attributes.

Apply Potato Skin on Wound, Yes Do It!

This one isn’t a joke or kid us.

Potatoes have been known to offer relief against any irritation due to its high potassium content.

What’s more? it’s easy and effective!

All you need is:

  • A raw potato
  • Grate skin off
  • Place the shavings flat on affected area.

Sit back as the spud takes care of business – providing ultimate healing! Moreover in comparison ,Pack orders Can be super expensive so potatoes are your way to go when down with bad infection

A Pinch Of Cornstarch To Save The Day

Cornstarch – you know that white powder mixed into gravies Or soups ? well it can also do magic within burns because guess what?

It helps wick away moisture from their gauze bites or wounds; but wait does n’t that mean Moisture Promotes Infection ?

Absolutely And Wetness would discourage wound healing process if left unchecked

So grab corn starch before going For bed time:

Spread Some Over Affected Region Then Cover With Gauze Before Sleeping

It’ll keep everything dry overnight.

Now You’re Ready To Face Burns Like Never Before!

Whether caused by cooking accident,misadventure or an unexpected encounter With Hot object we hope our guide has set you up For natural treatment options during serious Infections .That being said this article and recommended routine cannot replace medical advice

However small things like saltwater cleaning Manuka honey application et al. will surely give some added benefits plus Alleviate nagging pains making daily tasks something manageable.

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