How to treat after tooth extraction?

Ah, the joys of tooth extraction! Nothing quite compares to the feeling of having someone invade your mouth and yank out a piece of your jaw. But fear not, fellow human, because I am here to provide you with some top-notch advice on how best to treat yourself after this harrowing experience.

Take It Easy

The first thing you need to do after getting a tooth extracted is relax. Don’t go running around town showing off your new gummy smile just yet. Give yourself at least 24 hours of rest before jumping back into your normal routine.

During this crucial period, try not to engage in any activities that will cause blood flow or pressure changes in the affected area. This means no smoking, drinking through straws, or singing dramatic ballads for large crowds (unless they’re paying you big bucks).

Ice Ice (Baby)

In order to reduce swelling and alleviate pain following an extraction procedure, it’s important that you apply ice packs regularly throughout the day (or as frequently as possible without disrupting nature’s delicate balance).

You can use frozen peas or corns too if you’re fancy enough or want something less boring than a regular ice pack.

To protect your skin from damage by applying cold compresses directly onto it which may result due damaged nerve endings because hell yeah humanity sucks!, wrap the ice pack/pouch using towel/cloth and place it over where the extraction was done. Remember this so we don’t have another problem adding up!

Use these cooling devices intermittently for about 15 minutes each time; continue doing so until three days past since removal (don’t gargle with Luke-warm water).

Remember though That’s Cruel- To Gargle With Luke Warm Water — The title goes well right?

Note aside: If there is any bleeding going on from within your mouth, hold a gauze pad tightly onto the affected area, bite on it to help apply pressure till the bleeding stops.

Pain Relief Medication

While ice goes a long way in relieving pain and swelling(yeah!), you may need some pharmacological assistance for when things start getting unbearable. You would want something to make that annoying ache go away(success!).

Ask your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist about medications they recommend beforehand or better yet just ask your dentist as he knows your teeth more than anyone else(duh!).

Don’t forget: Some medications out there might hinder blood clotting and create difficulties for healing like those pesky mosquitoes we have around here so always be cautious!

Foodie Advice

After extractions especially of wisdom teeth, you might feel hungry due post-surgery cravings which let’s be honest almost no one cares about right? But as appetizing as Spaghetti-Os (Ew) and milkshakes (any day!) might sound like, they’re actually not the best options.

Unless (and only unless) though being recommended by a specialist individually; after an extraction procedure should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages with carbonated drinks excluded but highly advised is not seeking any advice from this article when such choices are being made(ptew!). Any hot/warm foods/beverages are also off-limits(literally got nothing against them).

Instead opt-in for soft food items or anything cold(frozen yogurt perhaps?) / lukewarm/hot liquid choices could include tea/coffee(caution because caffeine)/juices/soups etc., doesn’t really matter atleast somewhere in between warm/cold preferably. Just make sure they are substantial because energy’ll come handy; don’t wanna get ‘hangry’ now do we?

As time progresses during recuperating process eating can ease back into normal slow pace permitting side(sickness)such prescriptions aren’t harboring any ill-effects onto it.

Oral Hygiene

We may all love ourselves some dirty jokes but you certainly don’t need them when taking care of your oral hygiene post-extraction!

As amusing as it might be (sarcasm), don’t ignore oral hygiene opportunities at most chances given/“you’ll thank us later”. Of course Here are some tips:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (gently) with a soft bristled and small headed/toothbrush, making sure to not touch/wound the socket where tooth was removed
  • Don’t rinse or spit forcefully for first 24 hours(c’mon that’s just common sense)
  • Rinse with non-alcoholic antiseptic mouthwash after rinsing gently(do it!)
  • After 24 hours have passed since extraction; chew on opposite side only in terms of food(yummy!)

Try these out guys it works wonders!”.

Even do visit your dentist again within few days for check-up; to ensure recover is going well.


In conclusion, fellow human-beings: Tooth extractions can leave you feeling drained(literally); however looking after yourself in this time will become beneficial leading toward better recovery and general health conditions! Just remember all we’ve covered here today before anything else…in short prioritize yourself(and forget what everyone says)!

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