How to treat a bite wound?

  • See your doctor. If the bite broke the skin or doesn’t heal with first aid, see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Allow your doctor to remove any foreign objects in the wound. If there are any foreign objects in your bite wound, such as teeth, your doctor will remove them.
  • Have a plastic surgeon stitch the wound if it is on your face.
  • Take an antibiotic to combat infection. Your doctor may prescribe one of several different antibiotics for a human bite wound.
  • Get a tetanus shot. If you haven’t had a tetanus shot within five years, your doctor may prescribe a booster shot.
  • Test for disease transmission. If your biter’s medical history is unknown to you, your doctor may test for the transmission of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B at
  • Use pain medication. It’s normal to have pain for a few days following the a bite wound.
  • Repair damages with plastic surgery. If you had an extremely severe bite that resulted in the loss of tissue, your doctor may suggest plastic surgery.
  • How dangerous is a human bite? Humans. Human bites are dangerous because the human mouth contains bacteria that can cause serious infection. The most common human bite wound is a “fight bite,” one that occurs when one person punches another person and cuts his knuckles on his opponent’s teeth. Children sometimes bite other children or adults,…

    What is the antibiotic coverage for human bite? Infection with germs (bacteria) can be prevented by using an antibiotic. Usually the one used is an antibiotic called co-amoxiclav. Many doctors treat all human bites with antibiotics to be on the safe side. Others only treat those which are at high risk of infection.

    What is the treatment for human bite? Treatment of a human bite can be anything from just ice for swelling to a trip to the operating room, depending on the bite. For serious bites, early treatment is important to give the best chance at preventing infection. First aid for a bite usually just involves cleaning the area and applying ice for pain relief.

    What is a human bite infection? The most common sign of infection from a human bite is inflammation, which usually develops within eight to 24 hours following the bite. The skin around the wound is red and feels warm, and the wound may ooze pus or a whitish discharge.