How to thicken your moustache?

Ah, the moustache. Perhaps one of the most iconic facial hair forms out there. It is a symbol of manliness and sophistication that can entirely change your look.

However, not all men are blessed with thick and luxurious facial hair growth genetically. If you belong to this category and struggling for flawless whiskers, don’t worry! You don’t have to settle down for bare skin above your lip anymore.

In this guide, we will share some tips on how to thicken your moustache naturally while having fun along the way!

The Basics – What influences moustache thickness?

Genetic Factors

We all inherit our parental traits in genes that determine our looks throughout life. One such essential factor affecting beard growth is genetics.

If you come from an ancestry line with abundant whisker strands layered on top of each other like cheese over nachos (yum!), then chances are high you’ll develop thicker facial hair too.

However, it’s worth noting that even though genetics play a significant role in shaping your mustaches’ density but environmental factors come into play here as well.


Male hormones or more technically known as Androgens specifically testosterone which are responsible for developing typically male characteristics such as deep voice tone or muscle gain also impact beard development at puberty ages around 15-18 years old according to research by

Home Remedies To Thicken Your Moustache

Now let’s get into practical ways where science takes a break and home remedies enter!

Coconut Oil Massage [First step towards fuller “stach”]

Coconut oil has become famous as a miracle ingredient bringing improvements among beauty gurus worldwide due to its highly penetrative nature which helps nourishing roots beneath stubble patches hence may lead towards better proficiency in producing new hairs according Gerhard Sattler MD published via verywellhealth.

To use coconut oil as a moustache thickener, do the following:

  1. Warm Up The Oil: Place two hefty spoonfuls of coconut oil inside a bowl and microwave it for about 10 seconds until it melts.

  2. Apply Onto Your Moustache: Use your fingers or a soft-bristle brush to massage the warm coconut on your whiskers thoroughly.

  3. Rinse After Thirty Minutes: Let nature take its course for half an hour before washing out the greasy mess with lukewarm water.

Onion Juice [Crying over dull mustaches no more!]

Onions have lengthy been part of traditional medicines boasting potent medical properties that range from wound healing to hair growth factors, claim researchers like Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group’s Jamal M Balli On “Evaluation Of Herbal Products in Treating Acute Hair Loss,” Published By Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio Per Le Scienze Mediche via PubMed

Here is how you can incorporate onion juice into your daily routine:

  1. Slice And Squeeze An Onion: Cut one medium-sized onion into small pieces and put them into a blender to extract its juice.

  2. Massage The Juice Onto Your Mustache: Utilize cotton balls (or ideally) Q-tip swab dipped in said extracted juice massaged around leisurely until satisfied with coverage.

  3. Leave Overnight Or Until Dry- Thicker moustache might just be an overnight away! Leave the applied mixture overnight or several hours depending on sensitivity levels relative individuals show towards onions if any.

Amla Powder Mask For Growth [Not restricted only to golden era sultans]

Amla powder seems like something likely found at some meditative shoppe sporting proudly along gemstones and herbal teas but possesses multifaceted benefits startiny by being very rich source in Vitamin C according research conducted by Swati Saxena, Priyanka Mishra and Kanchan Kohli (JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research) titled “Effect of Amla Powder Application on Facial Hair Growth In Puberty Age Group”

Follow the next steps to apply an amla powder mask:

  1. Mix With Water: Pour two tablespoons of amla powder into half cup water and stir until it becomes a smooth paste.

  2. Spread It Over Your Mustache: Utilize your fingertips or cotton balls to gently rub the prepared mixture evenly over entire moustache region.

  3. Wash Off After One Hour- Since applying any excessive amount for prolonged time has unknown effects although never been recorded but rinsing out after one hour won’t cause harm in our experimentation.

Beard Balm And Moustache Wax [You’re back in control]

It’s high-time you start looking beyond shampoos and conditioners; beard balm(most commonly used solution by bearded folks around ) containing beeswax are designed specifically with growing facial hairs in mind bear witness to research performed by Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner published on GQ site claiming unlike lotions or creams which might include pesky chemicals could otherwise compromise existing proteins while managing moistures that nourish living strands.

Here is how you can incorporate beard balm/mustache wax correctly:

  1. Warm Up Between Palms: Take some amount(based upon hair length etc.) between both palms together and rotate them against each other until its viscous liquid equivalent is formed ready application task ahead onto whiskers as needed again depending upon thinness, thickness ,grey/silver mixes or simply wanting more bulk overall effect

  2. Apply To Your Beard/Moustache—Fingers Or Comb As Choice Of Applicator! Press down comfortably using preferred applicator either comb or fingers massaging randomly when necessary throughout hair vigorously till well mixed

Professional Treatments

If home remedies aren’t cutting it for you, there are various medicated products to consider. But don’t forget; this type of approach will probably come with a price tag and mandatory consultation requirements from doctors or dermatologists.

Here are some popular medically-backed treatments:

Minoxidil [A doctor’s prescription would help]

Minoxidil is one of the most recommended treatments for people looking to thicken up their moustaches surgically that requires usage over extended periods as stated by Dr.James Richey For Hair Loss Daily JP Kennedy interview “Preliminary Study Of Topical 1% Minoxidil Solution In Treating Male Pattern Baldness,” Researched By The Upjohn Company based on general suitable only after thorough checkup regarding compatibility against any negative interaction towards other medications currently taken

Talk with your healthcare provider before using minoxidil in the following way:

  1. Rub It Onto Your Mustache: Take a few pumps onto applicator pad, apply gently rubbing creating microcirculation in favour of newly forming follicles till absorption complete

  2. Rinse Off Thoroughly After Four Hours

Laser Treatment [“Everything looks cooler under laser light”]

According to Medical News Today accredited medical site, Photodynamic therapy (PDT), or sometimes known as light therapy employs laser beams which could assist selectively targeting hair follicle roots boosting its production capabilities when done at certified clinics beyond being heavy on budget side.

To undergo laser treatment follow these steps suggested by an expert dermatologist technician:

  1. Consult A Dermatologist : Ensure they are qualified practitioners who advise best-suited treatment according personal preference etc., their input vital hence counter checking past history including diagnosis forms prime objective consulted upon well ahead given appointment date/time.

  2. Follow Series Of Sessions: Recommended often varies accordingly therefore re-visits can take frequent toll depending upon individualistic perceptibilities will be informed beforehand.

Beard Transplant [Never trust a barber with RAZOR!!]

Beard transplants are becoming more and more popular among men who can’t achieve the thick moustache look they’re after. However, being the most expensive solution option based on research by Hair Restoration Laboratories -Adverse Effects Of Growing A Facial Hair: A Systematic Review By Dr Ahmad Alkabbani yields results looking as natural (no puns intended) as returned back to age 21!

Before you go ahead with it:

  1. Find A Reputable Surgeon- Research their background, before checking reviews of previous customers have dealt with them on regular basis contacting via phone or email until satisfied enough.

  2. Abide By Guidelines Following Procedure- As provided by clinic staff follow post-op instructions within time-specific limits depending upon healing process indicative areas evade physical heavily implanted hairs

Final thoughts

Thickening your moustache requires patience commitment over short-term period otherwise may not yield expected desirable outcomes but experimenting often harmless long term effects conducted at ease without incurring any financial burden necessary scrutinisation from specialists available precisely guiding us altogether through all given remedies though every approach has its own risk-benefit spectrum which should ask attentiveness towards considered picks above as per desired outcome requirements.

Lastly, keep trying out new methods till one works for you – It’s worth it!

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