How to thaw frozen shredded chicken?

Do you have a bag of frozen shredded chicken in your freezer that’s been there for ages? Do you want to use it but don’t know how to thaw it properly? Look no further, as we have got you covered with some easy and practical ways to thaw your frozen shredded chicken. Whether you need it for soups, stews, or casseroles, we’ve got you covered.

So what do I need?

Before diving into the methods of thawing out your chicken correctly, let’s talk about what you’ll actually require:

  • A resealable plastic bag
  • Cold water
  • Fridge space (if not planning on immediate cooking)
  • Microwave

That’s all – these are the bare minimum necessities one needs for getting things started!

Preparing the Frozen Shredded Chicken

The first step towards starting any recipe is preparation. Since our article revolves around defrosting shredded chicken mainly, let us focus on that for now!

Step 1: Know Your Measurements

Some people prefer freezing large portions while others go for smaller ones based entirely on their usage frequency. For example, if someone only plans on using their cooked up leftover roasted birds within two days, creating smaller batches would be ideal than freezing the whole thing at once.

Conversely; An individual who wants bulk amounts can freeze their leftovers by keeping them in measured portion sizes ready-to-go when they’re needed – this saves time during meal preparations later down-the-line if time isn’t readily available after work hours etcetera… It boils down entirely depending upon personal preferences and everyone has different requirements

Step 2: Packaging

Every single ounce/bite/portion must be stored differently so preparing packaging material becomes crucial. As far as bags go; make sure they are sealed securely since leakage equals unnecessary exposure from juices which can lead to freezer burnt proteins.

The seal should be airtight, and visitors are not invited! Otherwise, air will add moisture through condensation and compromise their natural state!

Now on the thawing part itself….

Patience is the key here if you’re planning on defrosting chicken as quickly as possible using unconventional methods like microwaves which result in that unpleasant rubbery texture.

The Cold Water Method

If you have some time up your sleeve – this is one of the best ways to de-freeze poultry meat rapidly without cooking it before-hand.

  1. Put your frozen shredded chicken (stolen from your future recipe), fill water into a ziplock baggie less than ¾ full since we need room for movement
  2. Seal securely , making sure no holes leaks or unwanted guests intrude into our package thus contaminating our precious inventory
  3. Place them in cold water with enough space between bags so they don’t rub against each other Have an eye towards keeping everything under the surface level so that all portions can come exposed uniformly during submersion starting from top-down.

Benefits: This method does take‘ TIME’, but it’s hands-on nature insures better results regarding taste & ; preservation compared to quicker alternatives___ It minimizes bacteria growth since temperature variation remains constant while being circulated

Defrosting with Microwave: Keep an Eye Out!

This holds true when someone needs their protein fix urgently!

Put your frozen chicken straight from the baggy onto a microwave safe dish and heat until available enough floaty pieces appear after micro seconds rolling by .

Needless to say; extreme cautiousness applies here – Since most times one ends up overcooking whilst trying too-hard-to revive things back into usual shape… resulting in sloppy gooey mess spreading everywhere like jelly monster gone mad or toxic waste …. Clean-up operations ensue!!

Other Methods for De-frosting Frozen Shredded Chicken

While cold water/ refrigerators are the most reliable methods, neither of them is fast. Why don’t we take a look at some other quick alternatives (although not fool-proof as the above preferred ones)?

Room Temperature & ; Drain Method

The safety police doesn’t endorse defrosting chicken under such circumstances- BUT, there might be (very rare) moments when you forget to pre-stock your fridge or can’t spare any minutes on thawing and proceeding without meat isn’t an option.

You could:

  1. Leave frozen shredded birds in ziplock bags out exposed on counter surrounded by enough air ventilation and wait for around 30 mins – This should defrost small portions to room temperature.
  2. Place these semi-defrosted meat into sieve whilst discarding excess drainage collected underneath till moisture content remains close-to-nil
  3. Move on with recipe directions…and remember next time!!

This method may lead towards bacteria growth due to slower temperature rise than safe levels… However, It’s ideal if no other choice presents itself!

Thaw Zone; Riding In Elevator

Don’t worry, it’s not another method! We’re occupied moving through hotel elevators but make sure this is purely temporary!

If someone needs their shreds thawed quickly but doesn’t have access to microwave oven or running sink…. Here comes THE THAW ZONE!

Just put your package all sealed up with love inside plastic wrapper/bag then simply place inside elevator directly from freezer section If ‘busy season’ catches-on then press every floor button hoping the warm hands of humanity come saving our day before having intercom announcement done so whole building realizes our location within seconds.. or—better luck next time!!!


In summary, proper thawing processes required discipline since it’s not just about turning the fridge temperature down or throwing it into a microwave. Cold water/ refrigerators amongst others are your best bets since they provide healthier, safer results even though it might take time! Be careful with room temperature options as exposing proteins to bacteria growths can cause food poisoning.

Now that you’ve got some handy tips for thawing shredded chicken frozen solid in its place for an extended period of time, get up there and start having fun while creating appetizing recipes from these shreds – cooking made easy!!!

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