How to tell what stage of puberty you are in?

Are you curious about your body and want to know what stage of puberty you are currently in? Whether it’s for research, bragging rights or simply curiosity, determining your puberty phase is essential for both boys and girls. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a clue as this guide will reveal everything.

What Is Puberty

Puberty is that awesome(ish) time when an adolescent’s hormones kick into overdrive leading to noticeable changes. It’s the period where physical maturity begins. To be precise, puberty lasts between 2-5 years usually catching up with teenagers at the ages between 8–13 years; however, some people start early or later than this range.

Changes During Puberty

During puberty-land, various parts of our body start morphing including but not limited to:

  • Breast development (yay!).
  • Puff chest due to growing lung size (sigh!).
  • An extension in height from growth spurts leading to longer appendages.
  • Changes in voice pitch accompanied by gradual hair growth on other parts like face/chin/legs/pits/bushes!
    And down there (wink wink)…stuff like enlargement in testicles and production of sperms while females’ ova begin maturing just waiting for copulation!

Who would have thought something so awkward could be kind-of-magical?!

Noteworthy though – these aren’t simultaneous occurrences as they come piecemeal linking arms strong enough such order cannot get disturbed! Therefore keep reading below 😀

Difficulties Determining Your Phase of Pubertic Development

Determining which stage one’s growth lies can seem challenging because going through them depends upon one’s biological makeup.

However (drumroll please), five critical milestones mark different phases throughout the entire adventure i.e., Tanner Scale stages I – V. So, how do you tell which stage of Tanner Scale you are in? Let’s dive into what happens at each stage!

The 5 Tanner Stages

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the five tanner stages and the changes occurring during these phases:

Tanner Stage I – Prepubertal (10.0 Years Or Younger)

You’re probably here if…

  • Your chest seems ‘level’ because it hasn’t begun developing breasts yet.
  • Pubic hair distribution has not started indicating any signs of growth.
  • Boys’ testicles haven’t descended or elongated.

While this might seem boring at first blush, fear not as bigger milestones still lie ahead!

Tanner Stage II: Early Puberty, Ages 10–11 for Girls or ages 9-12 for Boys.

Are You Here?

You may be experiencing some excitement fuelled by new experiences after graduating from your pre-pubescence days! Anyway….

In stage two,

Girls generally see..

  • A Breast enlargement though buds begin forming nibs that protrude above the skin level.
    As an added bonus stuff looks more appealing down yonder 😏
  • Trichotillomania becomes noticeable around pubic areas before spreading to other parts much faster in boys than girls. Not cool dude!
    Moustaches aren’t very popular with women
    (at least ‘naturally’) 🧐

Boys on their part enjoy…

• Testicular Enlargement: Growing nads does initially look alarming linking to fears like cancer etc., but happily no need to panic!

• Penis Growth Ambiguity: Often causes frustration since there are endless jokes about its micropenis status circulating among teenagers this age!

The lesson? Don’t stress out too much as everyone goes through growing pains 😊 Slowly but surely your body will catch up with yours.

All things said.. It gets crazier – keep reading!

Tanner Stage III: Middle Puberty, Around Ages 12–14 for Girls and ages 13-15 for Boys

This specific stage will bring about the most drastic differences when compared to the previous two phases. Brace yourself!

For girls, they experience…

• Large Breast development such that outer areolas become visible while their shape is round as opposed to cone-sized (just saying)!
• A sprouting up of pubic hair both in size and density spreading towards adjacent upper thighs soon maybe taking over your whole anatomy.

Boys get:

  • Testicles fully developed alongside major penis growth gradually leading to a noticeable increase in girth
    Boys who thought small nether-regions ran within family genes may find solace because Mom was apparently right with her theories at one point!

Tanner Stage IV: Advanced Puberty, around age 14–15 for Girls or ages 16-17 onwards for boys.

Welcome To The Jungle!!! 🐵🌳💨

Girls witness:

• Fully rounded breasts bridged by well-defined nipples much akin to an adult’s experiences.
Tangible female associated features begin emerging like curvier hips a defined waistline making up hourglass figures etc., oh joy!
As relatively new visitors here it’s safe but we should mention all the catcalls 🙂

  • Expansive hair distribution becomes evident as hairs move on from privates spreading further throughout other body parts!

Meanwhile…(how do you survive this?!)

Boys seem primordial almost straight out of sci-fi books…

• Penis proportions wrangle between variation frantic enough adding fuel to ridiculous rumors perpetuated throughout schooling years.
(but gets better 😉)

Well-developed abs/shoulders accompanying broader chest pattern brings forth a sense of masculinity withstanding time.

We’re almost there…

Tanner Stage V – Final Stages Of Puberty, Happens Around Age 17 Onwards for Girls or ages 18-19 in boys:

Girls Here!

You have female development fully matured with peaked curves, fuller breasts and the presence of pubic hair extending to areas previously unthinkable!

Note: It’s only fair we alert you from an upcoming encounter that might be straight out of nightmares… Menstruation! 😒

And Boys! You Did It Too,

A man’s endowment can almost be called majestic at this point, characterized by full penis growth with erect flexibility. Basically here… all things stand up (proudly)!
By this stage even hair peeks through on some unexpected facial parts alongside chest/abdomen leading to a beard’s first signs.

All Hail The Final Form!!! (sighs)


Puberty is perhaps one of the most exciting time as many perceive it – fascinating changes are taking place in mind and body plus one’s world mirror grows exponentially larger as ideas morph ensue expanding perspectives.
Determination which Tanner phase you’re currently facing doesn’t need to be hard; if information is at your fingertips then why not access it?
We hope this ultimate guide has been able to help however if still feel unsure go see a doctor.