How to tell someone is attracted to you?

Are you wondering if your crush likes you back or are you just so oblivious that someone has been dropping hints for weeks? Well, look no further because this article will give you some tips on how to tell if someone is attracted to you.

Eye Contact

The old saying goes “eyes are the windows to the soul” and in this case, they could be windows into whether someone likes likes you. Here are a few signs:

  • Prolonged eye contact: If someone holds your gaze longer than usual, it may be an indication that they find something interesting about you.
  • Dilated pupils: When people are attracted to one another their pupils tend to dilate. So next time make sure that when looking at them
    (not like a creep) keep an eye out for those baby blues (or greens Browns or whatever color)
  • Eye squinting: Another sign of attraction can come from when we squint our eyes a little bit as this makes us appear more inviting.

However, don’t get too hung up on just these signs! Be aware also that there definitely may be alternate explanations for why Mr./Mrs.right might be staring off dreamily.

Body Language

Apart from constant eyeballing there are other ways of noticing signs of attraction in body language such as:

Close Proximity

If every chance he/she gets snoops near enough with their personal space being compromised ,it shows they aren’t deterred by the prospectuous possibility/probability(oh wait probability marries possibility),of possibly getting knocked over by a gust of wind seeing as distance cannot stop them.

Nervous Tics

When people get nervous around others they’re interested in romantically they tend toward fidgety behaviours which include but aren’t limited/ confined^((who’s boss here huh?)?? let’s deviate from the norm) to playing with their hair, nervous swallowing or even tripping over themselves. So take it easy on them!


Mirroring is actually when someone subtly copies someone else’s actions Signaling attraction or comfortability towards one another often in a natural occurrence without any realization atleast(they probably won’t know that you are watching closely!).This doesn’t mean just because he/she takes a drink of water after you do,you should immediately accept his/her marriage proposal.When done too obvious may come off as creepy,Mr.robot.

Other positive signs of body language include facing towards one another, uncrossed legs/arms (as this indicates an openness to the other person),leaning forword(while keeping appropriate social distance!) in order to show interest.

Positive Reinforcement

If they go outta thier way / doing special stuff like getting your favorite fastfood samplereven if it involves driving across counties and wouldn’t normally treat anyone else ^((yes! You’re unique) ,it can be seen as clear indication that this somebody likes you more than “just friends”. So be prepared for those surprise deliveries;)

When he/she asks questions with enthusiasm about anything related to your life like How did Lisa finally finish her course? Did I hear right- A mighty army ants entwining challenge happened at her backyard?!
These follow-up questions express further curiosity and hints they are not only asking for manners being polite.These demonstrate genuine interest

It’s also a good sign when others try cracking jokes while specifically around u(sarcasm-ish humour).

Verbal Cues

Words would seem fairly normal coming from everyone but indirect communicative ones might reveal its more than safe assumptions..

People hinted by saying phrases such as:

“Umm..I never noticed how attractive brown eyes were until now.”

“You’re truly hilarious!”

“I’d pay money to see you do x,y,z”

all encapsulate the interest and attraction

Also, if there’s more “us” we (as in both of us) or “we should…” than “I/me”, this may refer to him/her considering bringing your two lives together.

But don’t get too excited with just verbal cues;never latch onto that person without discussing potential feelings directly. would reduce chances of a misunderstanding and will prove whether its not mixed signals which could result in being ghosted before acknowledging it was only intended as friends.


In most cases using one metric from those mentioned won’t be satisfactory.Hence the article builds several signs upon each other,and creates a well painted picture / clear view for decoding someones attraction towards you.No matter what remember everyone has their unique ways of displaying interests so tune into finding yours !

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