How to tell if your friends don t like you?

Friendship is a wonderful thing. It’s all about having your back no matter what, making memories together, and being able to laugh until you cry. But sometimes things change, and you’re left wondering if your friends still feel the same way about you as they used to. Whether it’s because of an argument or just a shift in interests, it never feels good when you think someone doesn’t like you anymore.

Here are some signs that may indicate that your friends don’t like you anymore:

They Stop Inviting You Out

If your phone has stopped buzzing with invites for dinner parties, movie nights or even just drinks after work – this could be a sign that something is up. There might not necessarily be one specific reason why they aren’t inviting you anymore – but rather multiple smaller reasons which have added up over time.

They Take Forever to Respond

A surefire indicator of disinterest in friendship includes longer than usual response times between texts, missed calls without explanations or reasons as well as flat replies with no further opportunity for conversation (yes and NO). If somebody takes their sweet time getting back to you each time- reevaluate where y’all stand!

They Stop Hanging Out With You

Your friend who was once inseparable from has started spending more time alone or hanging out with other people? This sudden change may signify trouble ahead. Alternatively, perhaps there’s already trouble brewing and now they’re avoiding contact altogether! Either way,be cautious.

Their Energy Changes When Around You

Thanks to our emotions being contagious- we can easily tell when someone has negative feelings around us by observing their body language: eyerolls/top-of-the lip-twilts/avoidance etc…

Positive Indicators Negative Indicators
Smiling/Facial Expressions looks relaxed and happy Their facial expressions communicate annoyance, boredom or agitation
Maintains eye contact Doesn’t maintain eye contact
Has open body language (arms relaxed and uncrossed) Crosses their arms and avoids physical touch

You Don’t Hear from Them Anymore

Silence is golden except when it comes to friendships! If you find that your friend is not keeping in touch as they used to or even worse – they have stopped calling/ texting/ sending memes altogether- well, I’m sorry. It might be time for a heart-to-heart conversation.

They Make Excuses Not To Hang Out With You

If every time you ask if they want to hang out with excuses like “sorry I’m busy” or “I have an appointment”, there might be something fishy going on. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your friends don’t like you anymore but rather, have started prioritizing other aspects of their life over spending time with you- which can happen!

To clarify: Sometimes people blow us off because things come up out of the blues i.e urgent work requirements/meetings/family emergencies – this point should only hold weight if excuses are consistently coming up at multiple times.

They Criticize You More

If a particular friend seems especially critical around/near/at you—criticisms may indicate jealousy/hate/etc… but as always, it’s good to assess where criticisms are coming from before throwing them into the bin. Could what’s being said perhaps contain some truth? Is my behaviour changing?

They Forgot Important Dates

Have birthdays gotten less celebratory and more forgettable occasions now? Or important dates et al? Maybe those thoughtful little gifts ever non-existent now since our once friends would rather watch one more episode of Stranger Things instead…

Quick tip: keep track of how often these occaisions appear to be “forgotten” – this is the only way to see if your mind is just playing games or something fishy IS cooking.

They’re Always in a Rush

If someone doesn’t have time for hangouts anymore but remains unchanged around other friends, there’s probably little you can do until they decide it’s important to reconnect. If communication continues despite scheduling issues– by proposing another day/time that works better, then at least we know they aren’t worth our labelll “fair-weather friend”.

They Avoid You in Social Settings

Be it at parties/dinners/ events all makes no difference. If an once-talkative/close Allie/coffee buddy suddenly appears uncomfortable speaking around (not necessarily about)) us or avoids any form of contact— It Is Time To Investigate!

Your Intuition Tells You So

When all said and done— humans tend to pick up signs subconsciously which don’t necessarily show outwardsly. Trusting own intuition plays vital role when things go awry i.e why hasn’t Melinda been hanging out much lately?, does Tolu actually hate me? etc…take caution before making accusations!

Friendship takes effort from both parties; while factors such as work commitments/family life/Irregular schedules may stand in the way–you deserve genuine friends who make space for you even amidst their busy lives! Keep vigilant through use of our sign post list above + also trust instincts too!

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