How to tell if you have groin hernia?

Are you feeling discomfort in your lower abdomen, groin area, or pelvic region? Do you feel a bulge near the genital area? Are you experiencing severe pain while lifting heavy objects or coughing? Well, it might be alarming as these symptoms could indicate a groin hernia. But fret not! We’re here to help you understand everything about this condition and how to identify its symptoms.

What is a Groin Hernia?

A groin hernia is when an organ (usually intestine) protrudes through the abdominal wall into the cavity of your thighs. It results in swelling and discomfort in the groin area that may get worse after physical activity, coughing, or straining during bowel movements.

Causes of Groin Hernia

The primary cause of hernias is said to be wear and tear with age. However, obesity, smoking, pregnancy (for women), chronic constipation /diarrhea, poor nutrition, family history, weak abdominal muscles due to previous surgery or injury can also lead to developing a hernia.

Symptoms of Groin Hernia

Hernias are different from individual-to-individual but few common signs include:

  • Inguinal bulge: A visible lump that appears on either side of groins.
  • Heaviness in genitals: The bulge may become tender and painful causing heaviness around genitals
  • Pain/discomfort: The lump may feel uncomfortable while moving around
  • Burning sensation/acid reflux – Sometimes burning sensation under breastbone accompanied by acidic taste at back end of throat(happens usually for Hiatus/crural/femoral hernias)
  • Constipation/bloating/nausea/vomiting: When larger part among stomach/intestines pops out( mostly happens for Paraesophageal/Sigmoid/Ompr/slippery devil hernials)

If left untreated,groin hernias may cause complications such as incarcerated (obstructed) or strangulated intestines, which can lead to tissue death and poisoning.

How to Check if you Have a Groin Hernia?

Checking for hernia is quite simple. All you have to do it follow these steps:

Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror

Stand straight, without cloth/trousers/shirt on your abdomen region so that both sides of the lower belly are visible. Examine your pelvic area and groin region by looking at yourself while standing straight — make sure everything looks symmetrical.

Step 2: Induce Pressure under Groin

Place one hand against the bulge near the groin area/ pubic bone gently, ask any friend/neighbour/family member nearby or shout out loud). Cough loudly;you might feel something coming out through pressing fingers(take care not to injure/hit deliberately on other’s hand!)

If there’s no lump/bump,i.e.,no pressure felt then congratulations! You’re probably safe from having a sneaky little hermie hiding around down there .But if there’s somewhere “hardened ball” like thing,you better start thinking about visiting doc soon!

Another way of going about this step is by sitting when urinating.If nothing pops up during urination then its good news but if bubbles/popcorn appears,you may wanna get into action!

Step 3: Check While Lying Down

Lie down with your feet flat on the ground and examine both groins again- right after cough.While lying down sometimes overlapping occwections get popped up easily as organs tend to pretty much stay in thier respective places…

If you see bulges/thickenings similar-looking bumps protruding anywhere outside from stomach cavity/canal around thighs/groins.Stop slacking off,get onto things slowly+ steadily.

Types Of Groin Hernia

There are different types of groin hernias seen among men and women.Some common ones include:

  • Inguinal Hernia: It’s the most common type of hernia that occurs when intestines or tissues bulge out through a weakened spot in the abdominal wall. This type is mainly experienced by men.
  • Femoral Hernia :This is usually experienced by women and has caused a lot of commotion due to its rarity(sarcasm intended)-occurs just below waist level/around high thigh area
  • Umbilical Are These being groins?Hmmm….Not really.But, they will take part too 🙂

Treatment Options Available for Groin-Hernias

If your doctor feels that your herniated organ isn’t strangulated / incarcerated (i.e.,cut off from blood supply)and there aren’t any dire symptoms,then conservative treatment may be suggested such as :

1.Wait-and-watch approach: Allow time to try and attempt naturally healing i.e. wearing binding belts or trusses to help push organ back to where it belongs…..(one second!).

2.Lifestyle changes: Doing low-intensity exercises like walking,cycling on plain surface,yoga can help retaining good shape/Stance)

3.Medications(pain anti-inflamatory-gas relief drugs):During medication,dont forget letting doc know clearly about your preexisting medical histories..

4-Surgery(i hope not!doctors love cutting patients open even if problem can sufficed over other treatments /alternatives available – JK!) –

a-Tension Free Repair Also known as Lichtenstein repair.

b-Laparoscopic In this method doc passes through tube-like thing into stomach cavity keep an eye onto what’s happening outside using tiny camera inserted alongside.Similarly robotic-assisted surgeries have also come up with advancement.In these techniques patient recovery=quickness!

Don’t hesitate to speak up for yourself and ask your doctor about any concerns or queries you may have, whether it’s regarding the treatment options offered, medications prescribed or what kind of incision (large/small) will be made during surgery.

Prevention is Better than Cure

It’s always better to take precautions beforehand. Though you cannot prevent all kinds of hernias,some basic tips that might come in handy are:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Consuming fiber-rich meals good for avoiding constipation
  • Avoidance of straining too much while lifting heavy objects.
  • Quitting smoking as this leads towards multiple possible health issues.


Groin Hernia can cause trouble if gone unnoticed.Make use 3-step-check method described above when feeling uneasy around groin area.What help us feel secure-if not anything else-is preventive measures to undergo before ending up suffering with such gnawing ailments.So go ahead pay attention towards health~ remember its wealth!