How to tape toes for bunion relief?

Are you tired of hobbling around like a penguin because of that pesky bunion on your foot? Well, fear not my fellow bunion-bearers, there is hope! By using the simple technique of taping your toes together, you can alleviate some of that pain and get back to strutting your stuff. In this guide, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly tape your toes for maximum bunion relief.

Supplies Needed:

Before we get started with the taping process, let’s make sure you have all the necessary supplies. You will need:

  • Athletic tape
  • Scissors
  • A positive attitude (this may not be required but it certainly helps)

Now that we’ve got our supplies ready…

Step 1: Prep Work

Wash those little piggies before starting the taping process. It’s important we don’t create any further problems by introducing dirt or bacteria into an already vulnerable area (gross).

Tip – Dry Time:

Make sure to let your feet dry completely before applying tape as wet skin won’t stick well.

Step 2: Start at Pinky Toe

When beginning the taping process always start with wrapping around pinky toe and work upwards toward big toe.

Fun fact: Did you know that ancient Roman women used to bind their toes together in order to achieve a more delicate look?

Step 3: Tape Placement

Place one end of athletic tape under pinky toe smoothly covering ball and base joint while overlapping wrap half over previous wrap strip creating upwards diagonal curve towards arch side (Major Key Alert).

Double Down:

Repeat(twice) until having reached snuggly desired tightness level(is snugly even a word?) So secure tightly!

Image Credit: Pixabay

Step 4: Big Toe Overlap

When you’ve reached the toe closest to your big toe, overlap last bit(twice) and pull tape up over top of said digit while pressing firmly onto balljoint.

Point of Note

Make sure to press down firmly as we want that tape to stay in place. No one wants their sticky situation coming undone!

Step 5: Double Tap

Once you’ve wrenched the athletic tape around each individual digit, tap around whole area once more in order for extra support.

Expert Tip: If you have a specific pair of shoes causing bunion menace make sure taping is applied prior putting shoes on.

Cupid’s Bow:

Have fun drawing cute little designs with tape or turn into halloween costume by making spiderweb formation (spooky!)

Other Ways for Bunion Relief

Taping toes together isn’t the only way to achieve relief from painful bunion condition. Here are some other methods:

  • Wear wider fitting shoes(no need for cramped toes!)
  • Use specialized cushions & pads
  • Strenghten feet muscles

But who has time for all that when we can just duct-tape our problems away? Kidding! Athletic Tape is way safer!

Image credit: pixabay |

In Conclusion,

Taping your toes together may look strange from an onlookers point of view, but when it comes to bunion relief, the benefits are aplenty. Just remember to properly prep your foot (and your attitude), start at pinky toe and work upwards towards big toe, overlap the tape over the ball joint of each digit before tapping around area for extra support.

So go out there with pride and strut those feet like you own them!

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